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  1. here are th epics. i really need to know!! hes beautiful!
  2. I was wondering if anyone here was a bit familiar with it? I need help.
  3. I'm sorry I don't have any account or know someone who has :/

  4. hello, I was wondering if you knew anyone who had a fashionspot account, or if you yourself had one? I really want to make an account there so I'm going around asking people aimlessly, people who seem ost likely to know :)

    hit back asap?:)

  5. I'm not sure if this is allowed, but here's this thread and if it's allowed on well great if not well I'm sorry. I went to the hairdresser that's near my house. It's this lady and she does it in her garage. Sickest thing ever. Has a great vibe, that place. And of course hse has fashion magszines there! And that's why I went, because my sister was getting a haircut, and not I. So, what's something that really interested you form this magazine? (ect.) Another reaosn why I created this thread was because I had a question, I think it's last month's or this month's issue, (are they monthly, I'm not even sure actually) and they had these photographs of eyemakeup, which filled up the whole page. Actually, I had to look at it for a second to figure out that they were eyes. One of them was pitch black, and on the eye liner area there was red gooing out, like lava. I took the names o it down on a givenchy perfume card but I kindof lost that :| Does anyone know about that? Also, I've discovered new art from that issue, so if you know what I'm talking about you can tell me about those photographs. The art feautred was that of Mijn Schatje. I am an art apreciater, and i'm even amateur at that:S And this art intrigued me
  6. okay, thank you for letting me know. i will ask them :D

  7. hi...i think i have an account there but i haven't posted enough that i could send an invitation..:( sorry...you should ask cypress or some of the mods here or admins...maybe they can help :)

  8. hello. Excuse me for this randomness but I just thought I

  9. I've recently discovered his stuff. honestly I love art, but like...I never thought I'd be like OMG That's gorgeous to a piece of art. Nor have I thought that I'd want to have an artist's brain. Artist meaning traditional (not singing and stuff) of course and this guy...K...Picasso...Cool....But couldn't care for. This guy, I'd buy his stuff. i'd buy his brains :| http://nicklamia.com
  10. I wanted to know whether or not any ofd you guys have ever visited pivarovist.co.cc (link sp?) Because it seems to be down. I wanted ot make a sasha fansite. Anyone in?
  11. she isn't related to Hayden Christensen by any chance is she?:S
  12. I love her with wavy hair. She reminds me of Natasha Poly in some pics from the front of the face. The jaw.
  13. you're right glamour bitch (ehe...he?) all models are a bit alien like. Because their features are more proportional than the average person's. Description of an alien, criterion of a model. Proportionality, that is
  14. I discovered her today while watching the Chanel 2008 Fall slide show at style.com. She's very beautiful1 and that pic with sasha. Man they all look beautiful together!
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