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  1. ^ I don't think so. Her boobs have been the same since she started modeling. She's done see-through shoots and they are just naturally perky and round.
  2. PINK is very hideous as well. Grace looked bomb, though!
  3. Kendall's walk and she had one of the less tragic outfits in TRA.
  4. Poor Elsa! She had to open in that? Why didn't they give her a better outfit to open? And something that shows off her body! Tragic.
  5. And Rock On Jourdan and Sara they know BS when they see it..
  6. Blanca wasn't stupid she was honest. Looking at the casting she just didn't make it. I'm glad she won't be involved in this clown show. Only a few in the cast is saving it.
  7. Well, last year this was reported too and it wasn't true.
  8. Who else is next Caitlyn? This years show is a joke to me based on some of the cast, if this is true especially. Gigi was enough? I guess VS doesn't care to promote about their "newest Angels"
  9. I'll believe it when I see it, last couple years that was rumored as well.
  10. Didn't this happen last year where she was supposedly walking?
  11. http://m.eonline.com/news/712423/kendall-jenner-is-walking-the-victoria-s-secret-fashion-show???
  12. Magda, Sui, Ming and Kate are who I'm most excited to see. Can't wait! It's too bad so many bland girls got cast over Kelly and Blanca?
  13. Gigi and Bella will be fun to see walk since they can't walk so that will be hilarious lol! Add wings on Gigi and she may fall aha.
  14. Lada is gorgeous and seemed cute, too! Hope she makes it in. She so far seems like their best casting call! She kind of reminds me on Tori Praver.
  15. I think she was stunning. It's a shame she only got 1 second time, and that Taylor walked right in front of her. Hopefully, she will be back next year. Who knows with VS.
  16. I really thought the show lacked some energy this year. It was the music, I think. Also the editing made me feel like I might go into a seizure! What is the point of those poor girls killing themselves to get those bodies that VS wants and only get 2 seconds or less screen time?! The make-up made some of the girls look like they were very ill. It's sad show when PINK was the best segment. I loved most all the looks in Fairy tale, but again the editing ruined it for me. I can't believe Maud, Yumi and some others were cast over Toni and Maryna! :yuckky: I wasn't impressed for something that was supposed to be super hyped and amazing. I really did love Blanca, though. It's a shame Taylor walked right in front of her stride! Taylor ruined this show. Karlie was kissing her ass so much her nose is probably brown. It made me so sick. :yuckky: I am so sad about Douzten leaving VS she was one of the only classic beauties left!
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