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  1. You're the one who bought my auction! I'm Arevhat on ebay Terrific job with the scans. I'll save your address and if I get any more Bianca catalogs when I'm over in Europe next time (will be home by early September) I'll send them down to you
  2. You've had sex with her?! OMG, you're like soooooo lucky!!! You've got to tell us all about it!
  3. Sorry, I was just browsing a bit but had to comment on this - it's absolutely false that Pam, or Cher, or Liz Taylor, or Jane Fonda, or any of the other women this rumor exists about - have had their ribs removed, it's not medically possible to do something like that and be walking around healthy, happy, and scar free: http://www.snopes.com/horrors/vanities/ribs.htm
  4. Anastasia


    Thank you, Impel! I saw this this morning, and loved her clothes, and the way she kept tugging on her hair
  5. Updated the site: http://sevensparrows.net/majalatinovic/mainindex.html 11 Bloomingdale's catalog scans 7 Adrienne Vittadini advertisements, 4 contributed by Lelah 8 Miss Sixty advertisements, contributed by Lelah November 2002 German Vogue editorial Zahm Und Wild contributed by Darina September 2005 US Elle editorial Lightness of Being 3 Samsung advertisements 2 Mango advertisements 1 Chanel advertisement 1 Kasper advertisement 2 Bebe advertisements 1 Neiman Marcus advertisement (1st page) Elle UK Summer Preview swim editorial, contributed by Lelah Elle UK June 2005 editorial, contributed by Lelah Gloss Croatia June 2003 cover, contributed by Original Sin 4 second clip from Fashion TV
  6. My scans from a recent Bloomingdale's catalog
  7. Miss being about Maybe in the fall I'll have more time Great pics, OriginalSin!
  8. Nine, your scans bumped Hana back into my top ten, thank you, they're gorgeous!
  9. Amazing. Definitely going to be on the lookout for this issue! Thank you both for the awesome scan and edit!
  10. Wow, thank you, Lelah! I've got to update the website soon.
  11. Hey guys :morning: I know there's a great Valentina site already out there, but I put together a very simple, runway only one. http://sevensparrows.net/valentinazeliaeva/index.html Fall 2005 will be available when they pics are free, and I should probably work on a main page to link my model sites together. Enjoy
  12. Too cute, thank you, thiago
  13. Thank you, funnyfan! Those scans (and pics) are gorgeous. She's an incredible beauty
  14. Wow, her hair is amazing! And she has such a sweet face. She reminds me of a girl I went to school with - in 4th grade, she and I had the same waist length hair, I hacked mine off to my chin in a moment of 8th grade insanity, she kept hers going, and by 11th she had this absolutely breathtaking thick rope of chesnut hair - the *braid* reached well below her hips. And it looked like a Pantene commercial, health wise. So jealous I remember for the Latin Banquet one year, she let it down and went (in a bikini, but so skimpy it was hard to tell it was there) covered in her hair, as Venus emerging from the sea
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