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  1. oh I just have received my new Louis Feraud catalogue from 1984. I am so happy 🥰😍😍😍😍 7601E27D-455D-48AC-A3E1-DC74950ACEDF.heic 94E7E7A7-A0DE-44B6-BA05-DC666EFE92E6.heic 2AF59082-53EE-41A2-9018-EA3F2D5699DB.heic 50A2EB3B-E55B-4AF4-853E-1B4C5FFE6F3F.heic 96CB01D1-DDC8-4084-BAD1-5C5D3BDE3DB7.heic
  2. OH SO RARE picture and cover with Renée 😍😍😍😍
  3. someone has information about this Renée editorial? 2DA67A6E-42F1-47D0-84BE-E7C9D529A557.heic
  4. oh wonderful picture of Renée
  5. oh I finally have it now I am so happy 😁
  6. someone has this magazine from 17 July 1983?
  7. I love this new picture of Renée found on internet
  8. please someone can send the cover of this elle Denmark May 2019? 😍
  9. like this new picture of Renée found on internet
  10. oh I don't this brochure twice unfortunately
  11. oh I just have found those wonderful new pictures of Renée on internet she is great on them I wish to have them in a magazines
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