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  1. Happy Bday

  2. Happy Birthday

  3. yeah, i speak russian!

  4. yes) thanks)) are you talking to Russian?)

  5. Happy Birthday ^_^

  6. ia tucha tucha tuchaaa :D sweet avi :)

  7. yeap have u ever sticked your finger in your nose for cleaning purposes?
  8. ya it's my nature i've cheated on many girls, but never on someone i love
  9. i always like stayin in bad do u like this life?
  10. seems to be ashamed of tellin his/her sex
  11. as me whatever u want, it's ok :) i live in capital, so russian forces haven't attacked this city, otherwise Gori was bombed first. i can show u also pics of results of war, destroied houses, people left without houses to live and so on.. . :)

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