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  1. seems like I need an Image Shack account or something, awesome Roselyn pics!
  2. what a wonderful thread, just right now I have no contributing pictures...
  3. tRIM


    this pic could be really great without that awful cigarette all other pics are just awesome
  4. since I've heard Heidi talk she rather gets on my nerves (non-offensively spoken) she looks good, but there are many others who look better, but hey that's just me...
  5. Over here she is still rather for insiders only, there are few girls from Argentina with really good recognition. Yamila Diaz is more known. But things will change... I think.
  6. ooh yeah, I'll be coming back frequently
  7. this is tHeReAlIrOnMaIdEn from chilaX back with the shortcut of my name: tRIM, so ppl don't need to copy and paste my name when they want to reply.
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