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  1. Sasha does remind me of the bride of frankenstein it looks like some evil scientists created her. Sometimes i think her persona is an act. Its not only her look thats a problem but she seems to have a problem walking in a striaght line at a steady normal pace. She shakes very unnaturally when she walks it can be really funny or horrific.
  2. she seem sto have gotten alot prettier. Alot of people suspect shes had nosework.
  3. [Yes lisa cant is quite awkward but in no way is as scary or close to scary as Sasha. Snejana's walk is very different from the normal model walk but in pictures she is probably only second in beauty to julia,daria,jessica,and polina. Natasha gotsii i am not familiar with at all.
  4. [it was a little bit of a joke im pretty sure she might be drug free but her appearance is a lil more than scary? lol btw who lloks like a horse galloping? who else is scarier than sasha?
  5. her face has changed significantly since first album looks like her nose got stolen.
  6. has anyone noticed the change in her nose over the years? i think she might have visited a surgeon.
  7. how do you guys feel about kate becknsales alleged plastic surgery? face and boobs? do you think she got it done. I seen a couple pics of her and vids from early days and she has changed alot. Is it nature or modern science?
  8. Someone needs to get this girl a mental exam and a drug test. I saw her walking in the marc jacobs show and her walk is the most peculiar thing ever she can hardly keep her balance and looks like she has been wounded in battle and even worse is this ghost like glare she has what makes it worse is i think img is trying to market her as satans love child because there is no way any human being could naturally have that expression without it being forced unless they were possed somehow hich i said before that she might be.
  9. she looks like a child prostitute. Meaning she reminds me of the poor innocent girls you would see on a human trafficking show.
  10. one of the most underrated models i saw her on tv on channel 25 they are showing tons of models from the ny shows. She is beautiful out of this world i think she is going to be big this year.
  11. btw i meant cant knock not can knock
  12. you sound like a philosophy professor not a teenager lol. Very well spoken nd reasoned but I am going to have to diasgree with you. If there wasnt a clear correlation with perfection and beauty then there wouldnt be plastic surgery. Tabloid magazines prove that people are in no way bored with beautiful people and their affairs. Also no one would choose to look average over being "beautiful" if they had the choice. Even though i can knock your personal opinions Ithnk I have a genral consensus with this one. What does the board think? BTW this topic is sooo interesting i should see new posts everyday.
  13. not true yoanna looked like a high fashion model so did amanda when she was photographed but most of the girls that won were not really suited for fashion adrianne looks good for swimsuit and victoria secret.
  14. [not her the girl has bright blue eyes.
  15. does anyone know the new christian dior model?
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