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  1. just curious... is that you in your avi ?

  2. i did, i just answered it !

  3. Taben

    good, i'll sleep well tongiht knowing that :-p Bonne nuit :D

  4. Taben

    you can have all the girls you want as long as i'm the only guy :ninja: and i'm curious to know what you call a monster... guys have different views about it... as long as it fits in the mouth... :whistle:

  5. Taben

    are you one of those poor guys who live a life of misery because they're too hung to find girls that enjoy having sex with them ? and i don't know who rated me 4* but i guess what shows is an average so some haters may have rated me 1* :P

  6. Taben

    haha what do you mean ?

  7. Hey i'm fine thanks! how are you ?

    My week end was alright, it could have been more exciting but i'm in the middle of an exam session so... how was yours ? and where are you from BTW ?

  8. Taben

    no i'm not, i do that on tFS too :s and i'm not sure getting bigger glasses will solve the problem (which isn't really a problem anyways)

  9. Taben

    ugh i've posted in my profile again :D

    of course, i'm the best accessory ! and no that doesn't mean anything haha... unless you consider my glasses to be... average++ in size :|

  10. Taben

    i've never worn contacts but i hear it can be painful... i'm buying new glasses soon, hope you'll like them ! yours are really cool, but i'm sure everything would suit you :D

  11. Taben

    of course you do! and i like the fact you're wearing glasses *shifty*

  12. Taben

    ugh i posted in my own profile lol...

    I see you're not making any effort to guess ! here you go, but you'll have to do without a translation "homme � lunettes, homme � grosse qu�quette" :-o

  13. Taben

    lol ok then here is a clue: there is a proverb that says "femme

  14. Taben

    It's true that suits make people look good in general... too bad young guys don't wear them that much... and i guess you could ask your French ex to know what we say

  15. Thanks for the link... she does look good, she's got a classic beauty so i think most people would agree on the fact she's pretty but she lacks that little spark that makes me go "wow"... Pretty but bland if you ask me... but i understand how someone can think she embodies pysical perfection

  16. Taben

    BTW #2 i saw you wear glasses... you know what we say in France about guys wearing glasses ? *whistles*

  17. Taben

    Sorry i just noticed you left a message in my profile... thanks for the curry ! and BTW i've seen the pics you posted... you DO look good in a suit :p

  18. ok maybe i am :| and thanks for reminding me to check the ANTM thread :D *hug*

    That was early to be on BZ and even early to be AWAKE as far as i'm concerned... but my mom made me get up at My request since i have to study for my exams <_<

  19. pretending to study for my exams *yawn* i feel your pain lol

  20. rofl i visited your profile too see if i could find the address of your MySpace since i read in your thread that the song is Shake Break Bounce by the CB and i love it :P and it was 09:00AM in France :p

  21. hey there :) how are you ?

  22. haha yes, turned out it wasn't a screen problem, some card in the computer was just wrecked lol... They kept my laptop for 3 weeks though, and now the battery won't work ! i have to keep it plugged all the time so i'm gonna have to do something again...

  23. I'm fine. How r u ?

  24. oh sorry when you said "gar

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