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  1. I took a look at the video and I'm positive it's him.
  2. Thanks Belgian! He look amazing in the video...
  3. I don't know exactly what it's for... but he looks great. from models.com
  4. Ahaha... I saw that 2nd picture and I couldn't stop laughing!
  5. Woo... he without a doubt deserved that Oscar. It's sweet that they're giving it to Matilda.
  6. Ahaha... I don't even know many female models... so it's okay. You're welcome.
  7. Backstage at Rad Hourani from models.com
  8. What?! :shock: I never realized that Tom didn't have a thread... That's seriously dissapointing... But thanks for starting the thread Belgian. Tom's amazing...
  9. He is very gorgeous. Nope, I've never really seen him take a bad picture. Even if he has it probabaly wasn't his fault... I think his teeth are perfectly fine, although that gap is distracting at times , but it makes him even more unique.
  10. Backstage at Michael Kors You can just bearly see his face in the background, hehe... creeper. from models.com
  11. W-o-w! Where is that from belgian? He looks amazing... Sorry, accidental double post... <_<
  12. W-o-w! Where is that from belgian? He looks amazing...
  13. I just found this over at nymag.com agn├Ęs b. homme
  14. I just read that he should be at Robert Geller over at MH.
  15. Vogue Italy February 2009 So Young, So Cool Photo: Steven Meisel Thanks to MartiX over at MH.
  16. Chris does seem like fun... Can you tell what book he's reading, I'm curious...
  17. Aww... that is cute. I'm loving those glasses...
  18. HQ backstage at Moschino Phew... that took about half an hour. source: frillr.com
  19. Haha yes I am, apart from those I've got 20 more pics headed your way... :evil:
  20. Heheh... it's okay, no need to credit me. I'll add the rest right now.
  21. Thanks Faget, that picture is amazing. I'm having the same problem too... <_< It loaded perfectly fine when I saved it. Idk what's wrong... sorry. Thanks Belgian... those were some of the pictures I had saved.
  22. Backstage at Roberto Cavalli (There are about 5 more pictures but I'm having trouble uploading them...) I'll add them tomorrow. Source: frillr.com Here are the rest... sorry if some are repeated, I was feeling lazy.
  23. Boyd in Pepe Jeans ad campaign Haha, he's on the floor... :evil: source: models.com
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