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  1. Melanie Thierry with boyfriend Raphael at the 23rd Molieres Awards, held at the Theatre de Paris. April 26, 2009. (The last picture is from Sonia Rykiel S/S 09, I think.) via Corbis.
  2. I think this is from backstage VSFS 2006. I've seen a video clip before... Thanks for posting!
  3. Is this her in this video for VS? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkjqKu2Fwxo
  4. Sooo stunning. And those shoes are to die for. Thank you kindly!
  5. LastWish23x


    Ahhh! I'm so happy for her. Hopefully she'll over take Kate Moss soon (sorry, I'm just not a fan.). I wish Adriana all the best with her child.
  6. I know she was in the behind the scenes video, but I still can't see her in the Biofit 7-Way commercial. Anyway, ^, great pics. She looks stunning.
  7. Sorry for the double post. Hope these aren't reposts, and sorry if they are. via Corbis.
  8. She looks so lovely! Thanks for posting!
  9. ^Thanks for the pics! When were they taken, do you know?
  10. I'm not a big fan of XOXO, personally, but Miranda looks stunning. As always, of course.
  11. She looks stunning! Thanks for posting.
  12. I like her hair better in VSFS '05, where it was that color (I think). However, I liked it best when it was dark brown. Personally, I thought it gave her the best look.
  13. idk. However, Flavia kind of looks like Doutzen for a moment there. Also, I think I saw two other girls. I know I saw one, atleast, with the darker skin, but I'm not sure if I saw someone that kind of looked like Rosie or Miranda, too.
  14. Nope, I've been assured that that is Candice.
  15. Bio fit seven way commercial w/ Flavia and Candice and someone else. Edit:// sorry. It won't let me post it.
  16. I really hope this isn't a repost, but I didn't feel like going over the pages forever. Sorry if it is. via victoriassecret.com.
  17. She's gorgeus! Thanks for all the pictures!
  18. I do adore her. She was the best part of Babylon AD.
  19. Ana Beatriz Barros x1 Adriana Lima x1 Miranda Kerrx1
  20. So... Doutzen didn't get a boob job? Well, maybe, by use of photoshop and those gel things, Victoria's Secret is saying she NEEDS a boob job. Frankly, if she had one, it wouldn't shock and awe me. It looks like Adriana Lima got a boob job and, defend her all you want, there was a lot of cleavage at that fashion show. But anywho, Doutzen's looking beautiful in all her pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Thanks. Miranda looks positively stunning. She's definetely one of my favorite models ever.
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