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  1. And the last one for now... Donna Karan Resort 2010:
  2. Michael Kors Resort 2010: via style.com
  3. These ones are from Lanvin F/W 08.09 (tfs)
  4. Yulia catwalking... (all pics from tfs) Nina Ricci F/W 08/09:
  5. Nationality: Russian Birthday: October 6, 1989 Born In: Chelyabinsk, Russia Height: 180 cm Bust: 82 cm Waist: 59 cm Hips: 87 cm Lives Now: New York, NY Agencies: Women Management New York, Milan, Paris; Storm, London; Avant Models, Moscow. Known For: Pout Status: Rising star Friends: Vika Kuropyatnikova, Viktoriya Sasonkina, Charlotte Hoyer Forgive me if there is already a thread for her. I've searched a few times now, and nothing's come up, so.... Yulia is a Russian newcomer signed with Women's Paris, and these pictures are from them/ tfs.
  6. Natasha, Sasha, Catherine, Lily, and Doutzen
  7. Thank god, I love Miranda. I couldn't believe she agreed to such a picture. And the solution to all Doutzen's "problems" is just a phonecall away. Just do it, Doutzen. That billboard, WOOT! Just love that pic. Yeah, Miranda's doing Pirelli (sp?), but that wasn't her. && Doutzen just looks so cute in that picture, lol.
  8. ^She has got to be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Thanks for the pictures!
  9. ^Firstly, that wasn't Miranda in the picture you refer to. I believe you are talking about the one with Catherine McNeil (sp?). Secondly, I really don't think Doutzen was suited for VS in the first place. Her strongest work has always been in high fashion. Except for how she looked at VSFS 2005. She looked utterly ethereal in those backstage pictures. Doutzen becoming a VS Angel was a mistake on her and/or her agency's part. And it was a mistake on the part of VS considering Doutzen doesn't exactly have the biggest breasts on the planet. No offense intended. She really needs to hire a new stylist, change agencies, and get back to the runways, if you ask me. That's where she's at her best.
  10. Check out Abbey's new tattoos (via the Fashion Spot)
  11. ^Yeah, she kind of does. But she's still beautiful, of course. I think she's probably just ready to sleep now, lol.
  12. Love the pictures! She's absolutely gorgeus, as always.
  13. Julia, hands down. She looks too cool in all those shots.
  14. Yay! Thanks, Snejana is so stunning!
  15. Thanks so much for all the pictures! She's so beautiful!
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