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  1. Frankie Morello FW 09 (she closed) /monthly_06_2009/post-24824-0-1446024800-74214_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2899789" alt="post-24824-0-1446024800-74214_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150.04">/monthly_06_2009/post-24824-0-1446024800-75306_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2899790" alt="post-24824-0-1446024800-75306_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150.04"> imaxtree.com Les Copains FW 09 /monthly_06_2009/post-24824-0-1446024800-81144_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2899797" alt="post-24824-0-1446024800-81144_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150.04"> imaxtree.com Gaetano Navarra FW 09 imaxtree.com
  2. Alberta Ferretti FW 09 imaxtree.com
  3. She looks great && I'm sooooo jealous of her complexion, even though I know it's photoshopped. I tried that same stuff and all it did was clog up my pores and make me break out. :yuckky: . But I'm always happy to see new pics of Adri.
  4. Loooove the cover. She's so fierce.
  5. ^lol, she's so cute. I love her to death. ^^Looooove the ed. She's such a good model, with all her different poses and expressions. She isn't dull at all. Thanks for posting!
  6. ^??? This isn't Nataniele's thread, though. Why would you be seeing her pictures in Adriana's thread?
  7. Was this supposed to be wings or just jewelery?
  8. ^Gorgeus! I love her hair pieces. They're lovely. Thank you, CrazyGen!
  9. Hope no reposts... /monthly_06_2009/post-24824-0-1593907975-12043_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="513.jpg">/monthly_06_2009/post-24824-0-1593907975-13732_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="5.jpg"> jalougallery.com tfs
  10. For the record, the seventh picture isn't Abbey. That would be Lindsay Ellingson.
  11. ^She is having a girl. Seal confirmed it on Oprah (I think it was Oprah) a while back.
  12. I don't know about those dressess, but Jeisa certainly looks stunning.
  13. The full editorial, scanned by 1katrin1, tFS I love this ed. . She's so beautifulllll. Thanks for posting it!
  14. She looks so stunning in all of these. Thanks!
  15. I knew the girl in that photo looked familiar! She was so beautiful, that Ruslana. Thanks for the pics!
  16. That girl looks awfully familiar. Who is that with Rosie? Edit:// nvm.
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