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  1. Jaid


    What country is ID MAGAZINE from?
  2. Jaid


    Thanks for the Colcci pictures - She looks great!
  3. Jaid


    Theres a Gisele video on Joop.com - but you have to sign up as a site member to see it - it's free to sign up.
  4. I really like both women, but Gisele is my all time favourite!
  5. Jaid

    Naomi vs. Tyra

    Without a doubt Tyra Banks.
  6. My list: http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/5331/104pj.jpg 1. Gisele Bundchen | 2. Angelina Jolie | 3. Evangeline lilly | 4. Famke Janssen | 5. Poppy Montgomery 6. Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) | 7. Heidi Klum | 8. Gwen Stefani | 9. Kristen Bell | 10. Scarlett Johansson Images over 600 pixels in width must be textlinked or thumbnailed. -Lullaby
  7. Jaid


    Is that good news or bad news? I don't think that will make any difference to her career.
  8. I don't think they have been posted here before?
  9. I agree, I think she looks so hot when shes got sun glasses on.
  10. Wow! She looks amazing! Thanks for posting.
  11. Jaid

    Fan Talk

    It's back online now - just been on it!
  12. Jaid


    Some gorgeous pictures!! Thanks!
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