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  1. Nº21 S/S 11 Milan HQ credits to sleepingbeauty13, from tfs!
  2. Francesco Scognamiglio S/S 11 Milan HQs credits to sleepingbeauty13, from tfs!
  3. Thanks! I know she did N°21 & Francesco Scognamiglio yesterday, Wed 22 @ milan's FW 2011 Hope shes there in Scervino, tomorrow and... Prada again? D&G will be cool, too. HEEYY there are so many pictures in http://www.newport-news.com/ How do you download them and get them in HQ? =/
  4. Making of: Septiembre 2010 Bianca Balti. Harper's Bazaar Spain
  5. i think this one hasn't been post. =)
  6. Actually, since ive arrived to Argentina, it hasnt stop raining. And its been a week already! Plus its cold, known ( i mean, i wouldn't mind if a go to England and rains all the fucking week) and i hate it :D

    I want to go back to Europe, keep travelling and having fun!

    Anyway, i need to find a job and start saving money for the next trip! haha

  7. just went to intimissimi and got the catalogue ^.^
  8. The thing is that is a really beautiful place. And the unfriendly people are mostly the old people and they usually live in villages apart from barcelona's center.

    Valencia is really nice, too hot though.

    Now im sad because im leaving Europe and ill be back at home on Tuesday. :(

  9. Well im in Valencia right now. Haha.

    But I really like Barcelona, actually was the only city i already knew. Evrytime i have the chance to come to europe y go to Barna. I think is pretty cool, even though Catalunya people are not the most friendly ones. :)

  10. Haha, ive been hearing things like that too much lately. Im in Barcelona, Spain right now. But ive already been in italy, france and holland. The bad thing is that i have to fly back to my country in two weeks :(

  11. just seen your comment. Pretty fine, travelling around Europe.

  12. I bought the mag at the airport yesterday. Theres a little interview inside... but not any news. Anyway she also got the cover, which is missing in little miss sunshine's post and here it is. untitled.bmp untitled.bmp
  13. Think ive seen her in september spains harpers bazar
  14. No. They are asking him to do an editorial with those models.
  15. mariemarie

    I Am...

    wanting to kill him !
  16. Can't wait to see that ad !!
  17. Bianca Balti x3 Chiara Baschetti x3 Eva Riccobono x3
  18. She is so perfect. Can anyone make some gifs from de vid post above?
  19. De third pic reminds me to one of her GUESS? old ads.
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