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  1. Woah, that's a lot of weight loss NylaLain! Congrats! Are you sure you're not getting on the thin side? Not telling what you should do, but sometimes when you lose a lot of weight you get addicted to it and go to the other side of unhealthy. So watch yourself.
  2. Expresso

    Megan Fox

    Well to be honest I actually did think she became hotter at first. In the first pic dizzymisslizzy posted she is an average looking girl in my opinion. Too much eyeliner, eyebrows tweezed too thin, kinda tacky appearance overall. But the second one, she´s really pretty there. Just like she´s really pretty in the pics frenchkiki posted. Also, if you look at the first pages of her thread, she was really nothing more than your average hot teen there. It was around the hype of transformers that she really found `her look´. That´s my opinion anyway. Give me this: over this any day. But yeah, sh
  3. Expresso

    Megan Fox

    Her face looks too smooth. Especially her forehead. Most twentysomethings have a few thin lines but she has the forehead of a 9 year old. Also, if she tones down the makeup a bit she would probably look way better. In her candids she looks so much prettier than at premieres etc.
  4. Thank you for the B-day wishes! :)

  5. Thank you for the B-day wishes :)

  6. Hey guys! Since the thread is a little quiet right now, I hope you can help me. I'm looking for pictures of Doutzen with sleek, long hair. I know I've seen them (backstage, runway, etc.) but I can't find them. I've tried going through the thread but to be honest it's become too long for me to find pictures quickly. Since I gather a lot of you have a lot of Doutzen pics saved on your comp, can you please take a look and post what you find? Thanks in advance
  7. Can't help it, but who is the pretty gal in your awesome avvy?

  8. I've heard that many people with Autism have OCD. My brother used to have it, when he was really young, but it's like he's letting go of it now. Maybe the same will happen to your brother :)

  9. Expresso

    You Pretty

    You look really good with red hair! I look seriously unhealthy with that haircolour Your fringe is cool too Funny how you recognized Royo's artwork right off the bat. :claps: This is one of my favorites. Now I just need something to put in as a new banner....
  10. Expresso

    You Pretty

    I'm very excited to see a picture of those lovely red locks now Can you post some?
  11. Mine has Asperger's but it's not that mild. I mean, you have people like Daniel Tammet who pretty much interact like normal people, but my brother doesn't. You can communicate with him, but things like sarcasm, etc. he doesn't understand. But he does have the memory of an elephant, which makes me an alzheimer patient in comparison, haha. It's nice to be able to relate to someon

  12. jup, it's Doutzen. You can tell by the roots she has (they're lighter than Adri's) and the nose.
  13. Expresso

    You Pretty

    I wish I could say I look like Coco, but I don't. We probably have about the same (natural) haircolour but that's it. She has more of a dollface. You know, the problem is that I can't think of any model I really resemble. When it comes to face shape, I'm round, think Adriana Lima when she was younger. Nose is about the same as well. But when you'd cross me on the street you would not think I look like her at all. It's kinda hard to describe how I look without supplying a picture, and I'm kinda wary of that for obvious reasons. Bottom line is that I look pretty average. I'm not ugly but I don'
  14. Bear (Born: Edward Michael) Grylls, was given the nickname ("Bear") by his sister when he was two or three years old. He decided to keep the name, and is best known as Bear. I like him. He´s just always so cheerful even when most of us would be moaning and whining to no end. And I love the deadpans. Like when he almost falls to his death but manages to grasp a plant or something of the sort and just remarks "I hate it when that happens". Or when he almost falls down during a high climb and says "okay, guess I won't take that route." And he's just fearless in general. I mean, he broke his back
  15. Hey! Thanks for your nice comment. My brother is 18 now and like you I've always looked after him like a 2nd mom. Now he's getting training to become independent so my role isn't that big anymore, but we're still close. What kind of autism does your brother have? X

  16. Expresso


    ^^Oh, that's not what I meant! I meant that Doutzen looks absolutely fantastic with lots of makeup (especially eyeshadow) while it makes Adri look like a clown.
  17. Haha, well don't focus on slimming down then and pick up some techniques too. I mean, when your only goal is to lose weight you'll end up losing your motivation mostly. Plus knowing how to kick @ss may come in handy one day ;-) Words of wisdom
  18. Expresso

    You Pretty

    Haha, Freja really is like the female version of Jim Morrison, isn´t she? No, we look nothing alike. My face is much rounder and my eyes are grey. My hair is lighter as well, light brown (blonde-ish in the summer). People usually can't tell we're siblings, which is kinda funny.
  19. Can you tell me where I can find the clip you used for your avvy? Lima looks gorgeous in it!

  20. I never noticed the comment! Sorry! That's really sweet of you lol I'm going to get a huge ego now
  21. training with free weights, running, martial arts and flexibility training.
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