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  1. On 6/8/2021 at 12:04 AM, Hollander said:

    I just saw a new L'Oréal commercial on Dutch tv

    With her natural hair colour .. I like that but it looked messy ūüėě





    It was one of my least fav commercials she ever filmed for L'Oréal 

    She didnt shine at all/lifeless eyes/she looked a bit tired and old/bland and boring and the commercial was (obviously) made on low budget in a small studio


    Hopefully it sells because I don't want her to lose this contract!


     Here's the commercial in full. I agree it was low effort but hey, easy money. I do like her better blonde but I think this suits her too.

  2. On 6/8/2021 at 4:35 PM, clo_fashion said:

    I watched Justice League and Doutzen was very good in the scenes she had in it, especially the one where she throws one of the "boxes" to Wonder Woman. Her face showed the exact emotion. She should try a serious acting career.

    That scene was fine but remember she has zero speaking lines. Showing emotion on your face is one thing, being able to do believable dialogue is another. Also, that movie was originally shot in 2016 and we haven't seen her act in anything since, so I doubt she's really pursuing it seriously.

  3. On 5/28/2021 at 6:02 AM, Shepherd said:

    She leaves her husband and three little kids for this? WTF Megan?



    Fair enough, he's not my type either (I don't even know who he is), but at the same time, I don't think I've ever seen her look as happy as she does in these recent pictures back when she was with Brian. 

    Then again, maybe this is her midlife crisis. Starting a bit early

  4. 19 hours ago, saber said:

    Public speech is not only a right, it's also a burden if you talk about matters you don't know and now she is paying that price, unfortunately.

    Yeah being able to say whatever you want is nice and all, but I just wish people like her would stop and think about whether she should. That said I don't think it's unfortunate she's paying the price. Seriously, if you look through the crap she spews out to her gullible followers, she deserves all the hate she can get for that and honestly, I think it's mild, so far, from what I've read and seen in Dutch media.

  5. On 1/15/2021 at 5:32 PM, Ilovehotties89 said:

    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of lingerie in the first place?  Whenever my exes ever dressed up for me, they might have been uncomfortable, but they never had their outfit on for very long.  Being sexy is the whole point.


    I agree about Taylor's short hair.  She looks sexy as fuck.  Damned if she isn't climbing up the ladder in my personal rankings.


    Women wear lingerie for most of the day, so comfort is arguably the most important attribute lingerie can have. Even if you're dressing up for a hookup, (or if you're in a committed relationship: to surprise your SO) you don't know exactly when everything will come off so not being stuck with itchy, uncomfortable lingerie digging into your skin and poking your body in uncomfortable places until then would be nice. Like, I have a few 'special occasion' sexy lingerie sets but the bulk of my buys are practical. Sexy lingerie doesn't look good under every piece of clothing either, so often aside from being uncomfortable, it's also unpractical. And since VS wants to sell lingerie for every occasion, they can't just bank on maximum sexiness because most women value feeling good over just looking good. The sweet spot is being able to combine looks with comfort and practicality. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Mille Backer said:

    I know that Doutzen will refuse to get the vaccine, but with people immunized, she can get back to work, at least some Vogue NL cover!

    I like your optimism but I think that when the world is vaccinated (or well, the richer countries that can afford it...) Doutzen not having done so could be grounds to not book her. With her online antics I also don't think a Vogue NL cover is in the cards anytime soon. Highly doubt they want to associate with a model who posts such controversial (read: idiotic) opinions online. Of course only time will tell but my bet is that this stuff can really damage her already fading career. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, pacinko said:

    Starting from more at risk subjects, everybody will receive an invitation to get the shot. But making the appointment after getting the invitation is voluntary.

    Have a guess then...

    Yeah they can't make people do it. Putting a law through that makes it mandatory would be very hard to accomplish, so Doutzen and her family will not be getting it. Alongside a whole bunch of other delusional people.

  8. 17 hours ago, Ilovehotties89 said:

    You make a great point.  VS hasn't been a sexy brand for a while now.  Despite having some of the most stunningly beautiful women working for them, and a great marketing/advertising team, they are incredibly boring style wise.

    I think it's because there's been a shift in lingerie branding towards comfort rather than sexiness. And in VS that resulted in super bland advertising. I think they could have a done a lot with the comfort angle to make beautiful photoshoots but they never did. So in a way I'm glad they're going back to sexy because at least those shoots aren't boring.  


    Sidenote: I am really digging the short hair on Taylor. I have never been a fan of bob length hairstyles, but she rocks it in this shoot. 


    On 1/13/2021 at 11:05 PM, Hollander said:


    Today she's making headlines ... again



    Dutch media calling her a LUNATIC


    Doutzen says: TESTING kids for COVID-19 is child abuse!




    Well looks like we have our answer about whether she was able to drag Sunnery into this as well. He agrees with her :(

    (Translation of this screencap: nu.nl reported that every citizen of the county Lansingerland from the age of two and up is being called up to get a Coronatest. 

    Sunnery replied: "Wow... cringe!" Doutzen said: "Horrible! Propaganda! Keep your hands off our children!!!!")

    Sidenote: even if you can't read what is written it's funny how you can always recognize a dumb person by their excessive use of exclamation points. 

  10. On 1/5/2021 at 8:58 AM, borg said:

    It's hard to believe how instead of gradually coming to her senses, she becomes more and more conspiranoid, publishing even more crazy and dangerous stupid things. What began with a video that we all believed was a bit unfortunate (the famous "Thank you, Covid-19") and that people attacked him more than necessary because his intentions were not bad, has degenerated into a very dangerous spiral of conspiracies and dangerous beliefs.


    By now, I am beginning to worry about her children. With a mother so disturbed and with a father who seems to do nothing to stop his wife and mother of his children from publishing dangerous theories, I only hope that the poor children do not have any health problems because their health could be seriously threatened.


    Eq5HBJ2WMAAXrp_.jpg Eq5HBJ2XEAQwfdC.jpg


    Honestly she reminds me of my best friend. I don't know what quirk in personality they both have that makes them so susceptible to this BS but it's sad. I should have known Doutzen would go down this path the moment she posted about that dumb juice cleanse. People who believe in that stuff are gullible at the very least. Challenging her beliefs just made my friend dig in even more, so I think Sunnery, unless he's 100% on board with this shit too, might just not know how to get through to Doutzen when she's like this. She probably doesn't know anyone who is affected either, so it's easy to downplay and ignore. My friend doesn't know anybody who had it. I know 18 people, two of them died from it, 3 of them are now long haulers with chronic lung issues. For me, it's real, for my friend and Doutzen it's just something people who don't matter get and die from. 

  11. 7 hours ago, bump said:

    The Hunkmoller pictures have been great, but that behind the scenes picture is awful. That's a terrible pose and she looks really masculine. I blame the makeup artist and whoever retouched the picture, though. 


    I like the Hola! editorial a lot. I'm glad she doesn't have the crazy hard man abs she had during her VS days. Her body looks much softer and more feminine now. 


    But I don't understand the concept of the editorial, but that's not her fault. She's walking a horse on the beach? She's not going for a ride on the beach because there is no saddle. So I'm a bit confused, but that may just be me analyzing it too much lol

    Thanks for posting!

    I honestly don't mind masculine Doutzen with abs. She rocks that look imo, as much as she does a softer one. 


    Also on one of the pictures of the editorial, she is riding the horse¬†ūüėŹ¬†without the saddle. Anyway, most editorials don't really tell a story anyway; it's just about combining pretty things.¬†

  12. 5 hours ago, *Luna* said:

    @Nameless_Ghuleh Yeah I’d say it’s pretty obvious, lips obviously don’t get bigger on their own. There is a huge difference when looking at her first modeling pictures and now. Also, this is a pretty good example. Both suit her but I think natural is always better. 




    Huh, never knew that. Shows how much bigger lips can change your face; she looks like a completely different person now. 

    Still though, damn those parents for letting something like that get done on a girl that young. She's had the same face for years now, so if she's got something done, it was done when she was still a teenager. 


    Anyway, whatever she did, it obviously worked out well in her case. She has one of the best faces in modeling right now. 

  13. 1 hour ago, albyrosales said:

    I doubt that in 10 years, Cindy Crawfords daughter wont be relevent. In any case, what does it matter whos daughter she is? this is quite a unique situation..in which a international supermodel such as Crawford is mentoring her daughter with the help of other fashion elites?



    It matters because Kaia only got here because of things outside of her influence. Most models are banking on the one thing they got lucky with: their genes. Kaia got not just that, but rich parents too. And not just any rich parent; her mom is Cindy Crawford, a supermodel with a good reputation, lots of relevant knowledge and a ton of connections in the industry. Implying Kaia would be chatting with Anna Wintour for Vogue if she had middle class no-name parents is ignorant. The way she talks, the way she looks, everything has been tailored by experts to give her a head start in the industry. And it's more than a head start. Kaia is a prime example of what would happen if you could somehow skip the stage where you're barely getting by and having trouble booking jobs, let alone high profile ones. You know, a stage that could take years and years and a lot of models (if not the majority) never get past. Kaia never had to struggle through that. Cindy made sure of it.  


    It's kind of like if a CEO of an influential company used his connections to give his son an important, well paying job in that same industry. Even if his son is qualified for the job, it doesn't change anything about the fact that he wouldn't have gotten at that point that fast (or at all) without his dad.   


    I mean don't get me wrong, I like Kaia's look (even if I think she's a bit too thin, but that's a different issue), I like her work. But her showing up with her mom to talk about 'struggles' in the modeling industry is more than a little tone deaf. I mean, I get it, Kaia and her supermodel mom rake in more views than other up-and-comers like say, Grace Elizabeth, who did have to work to get there. But that's also the problem. I mean you got a bunch of rich people sitting together talking about struggles that none of them experienced, or if they did (Cindy herself did come from small beginnings) it was so long ago it's no longer relevant. 


    Anyway I didn't mean to drag out this dicussion, because I do think Kaia is a good model and at least she doesn't seem stuck up like the Hadid sisters. But you can like her work and still be aware she didn't earn her place. 

  14. 1 hour ago, Schemer said:

    Who's better to talk about the struggles of the industry than the kid that had everything delivered to her on a golden plate?

    Right? I saw the youtube interview and people keep saying how Kaia is mature beyond her years and well, she's not. She's a media trained 18-year-old. Cindy left absolutely nothing to chance when it comes to her daughter's modeling career. It's baffling to me that so many people don't realize how much of a head start she got. She was born with great genes, rich parents and a supermodel mom. Anybody can succeed with that combination. It's better than winning the jackpot! 

  15. 3 hours ago, pamchi21 said:

    saw these photos in instagram, i don't mean to bash because i'm one of her biggest fan, but is she pregnant or did she just gain some weight? 

    I always find it ironic that when a model gains a bit of weight immediately the question arises whether they are pregnant, as if there is no way for a model to just fill out a bit over the years like the rest of us mortals. 


    Also, if you look at Taylor throughout the years, her weight gain has been slowly progressing since the beginning. If you look at pics from back when she first started as a teenager, she was rail thin back then, barely any shape to her at all. This makes sense for a teenager, because their bodies are still catching up with all the changes. Then she started at VS and started filling out a little. Now she's in her twenties she gained a little more weight and honestly I like the way she looks now. I think it suits her. She has a nice hourglass shape. It's just noticeable because high fashion models are expected to not carry an ounce of fat and Taylor has some meat on her bones. 


    But honestly I think that if you'd meet her irl you'd still be surprised by how thin she is. Most models, when you see them in real life, are tiny. I was in NY during NY Fashion Week a few years back, came across a bunch of models standing outside waiting around and I was just caught off guard by how thin they all were. Like yes, they look thin on candid pictures, but irl that effect is much more dramatic.


    Anyway, from what I can tell Taylor is taking it easy this year and who can blame the girl. She's been working non stop since she was a teenager, and now she's in a financially secure enough place that she can take a step back and relax. She's got a big fanbase, she's got a solid career, people know her name. She can afford to take a break. 

  16. On 1/12/2019 at 5:27 PM, Hollander said:

    She posted this on Instagram 

    A letter for her kids

    She's leaving her family for 3 nights 



    Translation for those interested:


    Dear Phyllon and Myllena,

    Did you have a nice day at school? Mom misses you already. 

    After dropping you off at school I went home and pinned a paper to the pinboard about the seasons. So you know when winter arrives and spring and of course the summer! The latter of which Myllena is already looking forward to :). But first Phyllon's birthday of course. Right now I'm flying to Los Angeles(LA) and then I will go to Palm Springs by car. You can find it on the map. You'll only have to wait for three days before I'm back! Phyllon, good luck with soccer and Myllena, have a lot of fun swimming. A big kiss from mom. 


    (Note: directly translating from Frysk to English is hard, which is why some of the sentences are clunky. For example, the part about the paper with the seasons, I literally translated that, but I'm not actually sure if she means some kind of calendar or what. I just translated what she wrote).  

  17. That insta pic makes her butt look out of proportion with the rest of her body. She's obviously not used to posing like an instathot and I'm glad about that. 

    I dunno if anyone else agrees but I think she'd look so much better if she ditched the super blonde with dark roots hairdo she has. I feel it kinda washes her out. I'm not proposing she go brunette, but I think a more natural shade would suit her more. 

  18. Just now, 3500 said:
    She's stronger than she looks


    Those are 10lb plates and sumo deadlifts are one of the easiest deadlift varieties you can perform. Most women barbells weigh 33lb, so Taylor is lifting a total weight of 53lbs (or 24,4kg) here, which is (probably less than) half her bodyweight. Most healthy women of average fitness levels can easily work up to lifting their own bodyweight in a deadlift. For comparison, Daisy Ridley of Star Wars fame could already lift 80kg (176lbs) in a deadlift 2 years ago. (might be more now). 


    Not knocking her training, because the goal for models like Taylor is to be toned rather than strong, but yeah, I'm pretty sure all of you could do this pretty easily. 


  19. 3 hours ago, Cult Icon said:


    Jessica Alba was already well known before that; she was considered one of the most (actually, the most) hot latin stars.  She starred in a TV show prior to that and was doing movies, and also appearing in celeb media as a beauty queen (before the maturing of the internet).

    Oh yeah I'm not disputing that Jessica had already made a name for herself, but the paparazzi bikini pictures really skyrocketed her popularity. (Though to be honest with her I don't think she posed intentionally; she seemed really uncomfortable with all the attention she got for her looks.)

    Emily is also pretty well known (though not for the same thing Jessica was up to that point) but the same move from her (which in her case is definitely intentional) is not gonna make an impact because:

    1) her body simply isn't that great compared to other hot models and

    2) social media these days has basically everyone parading their looks around, so there's a lot more competition. 



  20. 23 hours ago, pizzarat said:

    I’m not even talking about being a glamour model vs high fashion. (Do glamour models get invited to the met?) Her antics, thirst traps and obvious need for attention is weird. She’s sexy she doesn’t have to writhe all over a boat on all fours for attention. She’s starting to come off as a desperado, she doesn’t get sought after gigs or covers she was literally in Greece to open a shopping center. We obviously like her for different reasons and I think a lot of her followers are content with drooling over her. I still believe she can do better than she is but lbr she won’t 




    There's a turning point where more does not equal better and she's reached it. Most glamour models look tacky as hell, because all they're selling is sex. But Emily actually photographs really well and her facial features would fit high fashion shoots too. I really don't get why she doesn't utilize that quality more because imo that's what sets her apart. Or could set her apart. Instead she's putting her butt in the air for attention and taking the same damn selfies over and over and over again. It's sad. 


    The whole butt in the air thing worked for Jessica Alba because back then, she basically had the best beach body out of everyone. She jumped on that glute train a decade before it became cool. But Emily, even though she has big boobs, doesn't really have a body that looks better than that of other lingerie and swimsuit models. And her posing for the paps is so blatant, it's off-putting. Well, to me anyway. She sort of cheapens herself, which is completely unnecessary. 



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