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  1. Harper is hardly a "revolting" name, you'd think they had called her Crap or something. It's a nice name and not that unusual in the US, according to the office of name statistics.
  2. I don't think the mother is 100% caucasian, considering the baby looks darker than Ronaldo!
  3. Although it makes no difference, I think the baby mama must've been blatino or Afro-American.
  4. If having an unplanned baby won't make her leave, then an alleged affair certainly won't. They are both media whores anyway.
  5. ^ That is his face photoshopped onto someone elses body.
  6. I suppose maybe he's now back in Portugal, but you can tell the above was released partly at least via his PR camp. He was widely reported in New York with all those pix, while his new baby was thousands of miles away with his grandmother. And the whole surrogate angle seems obviously leaked by his camp, but I think it's counter-productive, as it makes people even more bemused with the whole situation...a 25 year old, unmarried guy at the peak of his career, and with his reputation, wanting a baby through surrogacy? It screams selfishness and ego mania....no shock he named the kid after him. But I don't buy it, I think it was simply a fling that resulted in an unplanned baby, maybe the girl was underage or a hooker, but he paid her off for her silence and the baby is clearly going to be brought up by Ronaldo's mother, while he is there for the 'fun times' in between training and travelling with RM.
  7. I guess like he is with his nephews, he'll be there for the 'fun' times only.
  8. I don't think it was through a surrogate, it's obvious he knocked someone up after a brief end of Summer fling and she fell pregnant by mistake....maybe she was a two bit whore and didn't want the kid, so she gave the baby to him for money. Orphaning a child would certainly not be a good thing for his image, and his mother would die.
  9. Talking from 0.27 onwards. Thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oArcuZYW_c0
  10. And of course Marca is totally objective being a Madrileno paper lol. I'm sure Sport would be the same with Messi.
  11. He has only just started school, he's a baby. He's a normal child. I remember Brooklyn was more boisterous when he was younger and now he seems quite cool and collected as he has got older.
  12. Who can blame them? His deal with LA Galaxy was ALL about the money and he doesn't play! When he went on loan it's not like LAG were paying him to play in Milan! He actually partly-funded the loan to Milan HIMSELF.
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