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  1. I hate when the good men gets taken
  2. HotCakez


    i keep forgetting she is having a baby!
  3. alot of new ones: http://gs166.photobucket.com/groups/u95/LF39V0ZIF6/
  4. some others here: http://s565.photobucket.com/albums/ss94/MarcusFAGHedbrandh/ i dont feel like posting all back and foward and its not my group.
  5. yes, its really her. I love this picture!
  6. she already have a thread, http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=15899 but I would love to see more of her, its just too hard to find anything on models these days!
  7. A BUNCH of candid here: http://gs103.photobucket.com/groups/m157/FFX0HUOI6A/
  8. photo colleges I found in a blog
  9. no problem, I'll be glad to post more candids, I've just been busy
  10. I just discovered himm about a few weeks ago and he is very very cute, I'll look more into him, and I discovered a blog with candids of him http://tomsbirkavs.blogspot.com/ and thanks to thefashionspot for the link
  11. Thanks anyway you guys. Its hard to find her
  12. I know her first name is Shannon but I don't know her last name , and I would love to know what agencies she is in. ( I don't think she is a big time model) hopefully someone can help. Thanks
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