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  1. hi once again, some news from sk


    Here's 2nd single from Berlin-based DJ Eva Be with her fresh touch in dub, DJ Tools from Seiji (Bugz In The Attic), the track from electronic guru Mark Pritchard (aka Troubleman) and new Slope's work Gemini


    1. eva be - trippin' on eva be (feat. david ben-porat)

    2. eva be - tunc

    3. eva be - trippin' on eva be (feat. david ben-porat) (spleen's 8 channel dub remix)

    4. seiji - come on everybody

    5. seiji - dribbler

    6. mark pritchard - turn it on (feat. steve spacek)

    7. mark pritchard - turn it on (instrumental)

    8. slope - gemini

    9. slope - gemini (ambient mix)

    direct link: http://rpod.ru/personal/external/40531.mp3

    listen online: http://sonarkollektiv.rpod.ru


  2. Jazzanova - Nobody Knows

    Earth, Wind, & Fire - Can't Hide Love

    cool man! respect! thought "nobody knows" is not by jazzanova.. it's horace silver from blue note trip compilation by jazzanova. anyway cool :wave:

    and earth wind & fire are dope as well.. ;)


    my random:

    bloodfire - to know you is to love you

    sa-ra - so special

    the herbaliser - the sensual woman

    toto - georgy porgy

    dennis ferrer - how do i let go

    midlake - roscoe

    the heritage orchestra - sky brakes

    theo parrish - the rink

    billie holiday - glad to be unhappy

    franz liszt - etude #3

  3. thanx emilia and sweetandlow for these great pictures! :flower:

    also i was surprised with that last pictures on the sass & bide party the pic with angela mcclsukey (guest singer of telepopmusik). one of the songs that i associate with nicole is "love's almighty" with angela's vocal :wub:

  4. And as for that "is knowing models gayish?" topic, I can't believe you guys(male ones)! All the friends of mine that know that I'm a bit interested in models, think that I've got an overloaded testesteron level, leave alone thinking that I'm gay, while I'm really a calm guy, even too shy when talking to females! Anyway, why should they think you are gay! You are watching the opposite gender, which is a sympthom off straight people!

    that is the paradox i surprised in! maybe because of all that fashion stuff and... actually i like fashion and design as an art. and all those guys from heavyworkers families just interested in fishing and different hardware stuff. when they hear about fashion and design - they just like "eewww :yuckky: this is not the thing that guy should be interested in". yes, i tell them that i like fashion shows and not only because of the models - these supersexy girls.. so there's some kind of misunderstanding: they probably think that the fashion as it is is the primary (stereotyply gayish), and after that all the stuff: girls, parties etc. ... shity somehow. but it's typical - you should choose the right theme for conversation in different circles. you'll never talk about sex in church, though you believe in god and love sex :/

    my friend said once: "if dude can separate women's prada shoes from dolce & gabbana. he's gay... "

    that's the statement.. and how can i tell him that i watched that catwalks for 100 times because there's my fav models? better to be silent :ninja:

  5. strange, but true! few people here were faced to strange reaction from their friends (and sisters :p ) when they found out that you know some models and watch fashion shows. in that case it's typically that you don't want reveal your knowledges about modeling (especially if you are models addicted like 99% bz people) because people think it's strange, boring and... gayish :confused:

    so as i do. just 1 friend and brother knows that i'm addicted (a bit for them) to this. the others just express low instincts seeing some girl on the catwalk. about girls - they are so jealous about models bodies, so you'll never hear about models something good (and this is all from people that don't even know WTF is fashion industry!! typical stereotype - sex, drugs, alcohol... aha, something else?).

    so, me as most of bz peeps (i guess so) staying cryptic models fan. but i feel ok, because i have bz ;)

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