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  1. I miss this girl so much :(

    Is she going to do HC or RTW shows soon?

    Anybody has photos of Gemma from Cavalli spring 2005 show? I mean, with Gemma in orange dress, turned sideways on the catwalk?

    And Alberta Feretti, Dolce&Gabbana fall winter 2005 and Dolce&Gabbana spring summer 2006 in HQ anybody?

    dolce & gabbana ss06 hqs...


    check the other fashion shows threads here. you may find almost all you need, if lucky -even hqs ;)

  2. it was peter som show. so naughty :evil:

    there was a big scandal with some issue because they did put that photo on the cover of the magazine.. then just tried to explain that it was by mistake.. well, a lot of talks :whistle:

  3. I'd do it.

    What if you were given to walk down the red carpet with Paris Hilton(w/out panties) as your partner?

    haha why not? sure, avec plaisir! :p

    what if your gf/bf locked you on the balcony naked?

  4. I just have Teddy Bruschi picture, no I am not gay he is just my favorite football player and my role model.


    Since when having a guy on yr screen made you gay <_< ..you should pay more attentiom to yr Avi and Sig...it's pretty obvious that yr not gay :p

    yeah, if so... then just a few girls @ bz are straight :laugh:

  5. it depends on what is his pervertness.. if hard i will blame myself for this and of course try to talk to him to fix it.

    (for girls) what if you came to the party and see another girl in the same (fcukin rare and expensive) dress there?

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