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  1. yesterday celebrated the end of studying and my last exams... feeling sick after yesterday:))

  2. hi, zero 7 lover;)

  3. thank you emilia, you don't forget :hug:

  4. hey! ;) congrats with your own thread!

  5. hey pinky! how are you? i don't know was it my local problem but bz didn't work for few days.. i realize that i'm so bz-addicted haha! how's your goddaughter? :)

  6. yes, they made me:))) my mates

  7. i think it's ordinary:)

  8. have a cup of latte :rofl:

  9. yes. i like it too. but didn't play it for a long time...

  10. hey yannick :wave: i'm oleg:) i know one yannick - yannick l, he plays house btw;) he's from 'needs' music label

  11. hi caroline :hug: how are you these days?

  12. where are you? :persuazn:!!!!

  13. wow paris and amsterdam! sounds great, i was planning to go to new york. but recently rejected this idea by some reasons:( thanks for wishes. i wish you all the best too! tell us when you'll take off;) :hug:

  14. hey soyee, how do you find my new look? :rofl:

  15. yes we do, so what? who cares? :laugh: btw, i'll grow this beard and then make mittens for you :rofl3times:

  16. :rofl: honestly, i'm on the floor too, hahaha:)))))))))

  17. at least you get warm:))

  18. me too:) actually i speak spanish only with dictionary:) your toplist is great btw ;)

  19. aha, you're right! but i do sometimes:)

  20. hey! how are you? ;)

  21. me too thanx. not talking for a very long time... also i miss soyee:(

  22. exams was great. professors were so kind:), it was excellent! thanx.

  23. idk. i wrote her few messages, but still no answer. hope she's ok, just a bity busy. though me busy too with my diploma work, but still visit bz. DAMN SOYEE, we are very worrying about you!!!!

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