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  1. Nic

    merci !!!!!!!

  2. Hi Munichmarty,

    thank you for your mail. All's going well, but I miss Mathias. I wish he could take part in all the shows of the world !!! We don't see him enough : bloody fashion managers !

    I hope for your part you have a good time.

    Kiss, nico

  3. Hey Munichmarty!!!

    Thanks for your comment...

    I have not enough spare time currently, but I am always with you on this great forum!!!

    I would like to think that Mathias visits it sometimes…

    Lots of kisses


  4. Hi munichmarty, I never tell you, but your avatar is one of my favorite too... On this picture Maty is so perfect and original !!!


  5. Nic

    Hey Faget... Thanks for the comment, I hadn't seen it before... And I'm glad to belong to your "friends" ! It's rare to find a boy of the same age on this forum...

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