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  1. Does anyone know where that latest gif of barbara from pennyhopper is from?
  2. So I see it is gonna be quiet on here for a while... Meh, it is all good. I do wonder if from here it just continues into some big trend where she gets more and more work. Ain't the first time I have seen something like it happen. I do have to give her credit and say she seems to not get deterred easily by people who talk about the work she has been involved in (not talking about this thread, but rather just as a whole). She gets in there and tries which is something I have to say I admire. I have to say it is welcome to see someone with drive to accomplish their goals.
  3. I wonder what campaigns are planned ahead. Might as well get the ball rolling with that.
  4. First off. If she is dating is it anyones business? Two, I was reading through and everyone is clearly overreacting. She covered her face probably because she hates when people dig real hard into her personal life rather than to hide a date. I think if this guy recently just split from hid girlfriend having someone like barbara as a friend is good for company and she has experience in that department. We also know that media overhype things to get people to talk and increase ratings. It is all speculation at the end of the day so who cares? Even if she is dating him, it is her life.
  5. If I may say something. On my way home. So does noone know where to meet her. I have tried twice to no avail and have been very very patient. I am just curious. It is just time I don't want to spend if it is going to be fruitless. I am probably not gonna try a third time because after two failed attempts I don't see reason in a third. As anyone who follows her career would at least want to meet her once I am sure everyone here in some way understands.
  6. I understand most people on this forum are on the other side of the world and yeah sydney time is hard to follow but yeah I just would appreciate if possible about pming me for the rest of the week.
  7. Just asking if anyone has an idea as time is an issue.
  8. Does anyone ń∑now where she is now? Btw the weather is scorching in Sydney.
  9. I hope that they don't bring up personal stuff like that to barbara especially when she is here for promotion work. Only problem is it happens to anyone with any kind of celebrity status.
  10. I wonder what promotions it will be but yeah I think apple is right. I do think it is miss manga. I am excited as I thought she would be here tomorrow but that is nice anyway.
  11. Wow, I thought they said march 24th lol.
  12. I don't know what it could be but I will say that when I was in the city loreal is pretty much all over the place and the one where barbara's face appears in it actually was for loreal miss manga. I know this as it was actually kinda hard not to see it. You could just walk nearby cosmetic shops or use them as shortcuts to get through places and you could easily see it. So yeah... I think it is miss manga.
  13. Also I don't live directly in the city where she would be going even though I live nearby... Meh, I technically live next door. Btw apple thanks for that.
  14. I don't really need to meet her, but I just think it is nice that she is coming here. Not a shy person but yeah not really an autograph person. I remember people in Melbourne really enjoying her stay and it was good. I don't know if we have that kind of atmosphere in Sydney but yeah it is cool. But yes, I would be a complete gentleman. We all have lives afterall outside of forums and we do come here with good reason. Had a funny joke that I just thought of now tying in lent and hungary but I think even if someone isn't catholic they would get the joke, but yeah it would be off topic so no need
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