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  1. Beep, beep, you have top secret orders from high command to infiltrate the enemy base in your Tigerprint snuggie & M24 sniper. we are counting on you, don't let us down!

  2. Hey Prox, I really need my 'Donnie & Marie : Polka & death metal greatest hits' cds back when you get a chance. We're doing some weird experiments in the underground laboratory & I thought they might be appropriate as 'mood music'. Thanks K-Bye!

  3. Beep, beep, beep - headquarters has reported Agent B.B as M.I.A - perhaps a unfortunate victim of a dangerous mission involving furry handcuffs. Please contact home base ASAP. Thank you.

  4. Bronx! Shhhhh! This all top secret stuff! lol.

  5. Just Pmed you, Bronx. Yeah, DH is no prob to lure in. Sadly, leaving a trail of drunken cheesburgers usually works. Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

  6. Kiki, there are no vitamins in diet coke, only weird mind altering substances that make run around your house naked & order cheese pizza late at night....

  7. Too late Kiki!

    The conversion has already begun!

  8. Kiki - take your vitamins!!!

  9. Bronx, thats a really good music list, although you forgot to list Eastern European mountain yodelling music from the 1930's - remixed by Van she (!) -I'll let it slide this time though. Btw, I'm totally serious about the David Hasselhoff in speedos pics...

  10. Bronx, you are way too clever & dangerous for your own good :p

    You inspire me <3

  11. Dear Prox, Annie Morton, Lena Olin & myself are all giving each other weird tattoos. Please send lots of vodka & join us!

    Cheers! -KB

  12. Mon Dieu! I have missed your birthday! I promise I will make it up to you - Clive & I will certainly kidnap you to a secret location in the french alps with nothing but a chilled bottle of Cristal, some elephant tranquilizers & a bootleg Bjork concert video (your fave!) (& maybe a video camera to record those special moments) - Joyeux Anniversaire

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