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  1. I do the same thing. And once it starts I can't stop it anymore. My eyes also tear up everytime. It's just wierd,
  2. Unless they switch Gilded Angels with Exotic Travelers, Ale and Adri will not open the show.
  3. Carmen Kass opened the 1999 VSFS. She never was an Angel!
  4. Oh ok my bad! That makes more sense to have her in the fairytale segment!
  5. So could it be that Ale is closing the Dream Girls segment, maybe? It would take some time to get out of the Fantasy Bra outfit, unless they have a musical performer between them. So I think she will turn up at the end of the next segment at the earliest
  6. I just wish that VS will finally give Adriana and Alessandra the attention they deserve! They last few years both of them just got screwed over by VS. Adriana constantly ending up with some of the most stupid outfits like the superhero one in 2011, or Game On in 2010... 'nuff said! And also only getting 2 outfits in 2012! 2010 should've been her year with the FB but with that sleep inducing speach of Candice she drew all the attention away... Alessandra being pushed to the sidelines WITH the Fantasy bra in 2012 completely overshadowed by Candice, also only getting two outfits that year. And last year she wasn't included in either the opening or the closing segment. Which for her was a first timer. As it was mentioned before since her debut in 2000 Alessandra has always been in the first or the last segment of each show. So as I said, just give those two the airtime they deserve and let the FB's be the center of attention.
  7. If all the other Pink Outfits look like that, I would be really surprised. It doesn't look that bad! We had much more horrible outfits over the past years. May I remember you guys of poor Jac Jablonski in 2010? Or Maud Welzen in 2012? All of them were horrible. That outfit looks quite tame in comparison!
  8. They forgot the Fairytale segment in that message!
  9. Great choice! Valentina is a worthy winner! And I'm glad that Alessandra came in second
  10. Valentina Zelyaeva- 10 Alessandra Ambrósio- 12 Isla Dowling- 7 Olga Kurylenko - 8
  11. Valentina Zelyaeva 10 Alexandra Alonso 8 Alessandra Ambrosio 12
  12. Alejandra Alonso 7 Petra Nemcova 10 Anna Christine Speckhart 8 Isla Ginta Lapina 12
  13. Alessandra Ambrosio 12 Valentina Zelyaeva 10 Olga Kurylenko 8 Leticia Zuloaga 7 Charlotte Free
  14. Naomi Campbell 10 Adriana Lima 8 Leticia Zuloaga 7 Alessandra Ambrosio 12
  15. mina

    yeah, and adding to that, I'm more active on another forum, so I only check in every now and then here ;)

  16. mina

    I'm fine :) Have been a lot of stressful months... or let's say years for me :) new job etc. but it's ok now.

    Hehe, yes, I felt like it's about time for something new and I always loved Isabeli in the commercial!

  17. mina


    The show only just started in germany, today was episode 3 where Kurt comes out to his father. I really liked it. Though my favorite charakter so far is Quinn, I just love her.
  18. I saw an interview with Brooke shortly after Michaels public funeral where she said that.... even though she was sure that Michael had certain feelings for her, she could not return those feelings for him. She wanted him as a friend and as a lover.
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