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  1. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. did christina just touch my husband's ding dong.....lolz that biatch...she's going down!!!!
  3. I'm not sure if this was posted already but Marc Jacobs designed a bag after her. Marc Jacob's Stam Bag
  4. she's becoming one of my favourite models of all time.... she's soo babydoll and weirdly alienatic at the same time.... Totally Luvz it
  5. I wasn't a fan of her at first because her eyes seems a bit too far apart....but damn...everytime I look at her she just gets prettier and prettier and the fact that she's canadian well... Canadian Pride baby!!! to everyone
  6. hummana humanna...he's soo yummy 69f5bc3ed7.bmp 69f5bc3ed7.bmp
  7. all tied up and ready to be spanked tee hee
  8. more of hottie noah noah22.bmp noah22.bmp
  9. I can't beleive we don't have a thread for the lovely french model Jeremy Dufour I beleive he's 19 years old..maybe 20 now..and he's french..lolz He can be currently seen in the Dolce & Gabbana ad campaigns
  10. I have no idea what's up with santi's "package" in the andrew mackenzie show... hahha...it's funny though Hotness...luvz it
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