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  1. I think New York Fashion week is next
  2. I seriously managed to understand all the words except for the last one in that H&M ad
  3. I love COCO! Thanks everyone for putting the effort in and making this page alive with all the latest pics!!!
  4. Heya everyone! I just want to say a huge welcome to all the new members who are interested in Mathias and his work! This thread wouldn't be the same without you!! OH gosh, I really need to be a little more active here! Hiya everyone! And HELLO TO YOU, MUNICHMARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
  5. Hmmm, Munichmarty, your thoughts on this might be correct. I think the same can be said about the female models, there is a new wave of younger girls, probably all cheaper, lets say, then Coco Rocha, Stam, Rhoda, the heavy weights. But hey ho, at least Mathias was in Gucci!
  6. I love the Hong Kong rain, but not really the rain here in Manchester
  7. Heya Michael! How are you???

  8. Oh yes, some amazing gene pool going on.
  9. Wooooooo! Rain!!!! Tropical rain!!!!! The rain in Hong Kong is fantastic!
  10. @ atombomber: I most certainly agree with you and your views on the rankings on models.com. When I looked at the rankings for women, I often feel that these teenagers are being put on a pedestal, almost like what you said " a high school popularity contest". I don't think that any thought was put in regarding the number one spot, whatever Betty or Janelle said, I believe that people are disagreeing immensely. @Munichmarty: Awwwwwwww, so sweet of you to put those lovely pics of Mathias up
  11. I am glad Lyon that you are doing well!! I am sure that it's soo hot in Hong Kong right now The weather here is ok, not that great
  12. Ah yes, I just read all the comments, and believe me, people around the world aren't too pleased to know that Mathias got knocked off the no.1 spot and is replaced by someone nobody knows. Other models deserve to be number 1! And yes, Mathias is the ONLY model who was number 1 for two years, I doubt Baptiste would be able to be anything close to that.
  13. Oh wow, what an honour to be one of your favourite posters! Yikes, I noticed that this thread is sort of quiet Shame I don't have that much time to come here anymore (or maybe the fact that I am off Mathias is probably the reason?????). Anyway, so how is everyone doing? I am doing good, still in Uni and the whole shebang
  14. OMG! TRAVESTY! WHERE THE EFF IS MATHIAS ON THE TOP 50? *dies slowly inside* As for the numbering problem, it's exactly the same with the women's top 50 too @Munichmarty: DARLING I MISSED YOU! Waaaaaaaa, I hope this thread missed me
  15. BUMP! I can't belieeevvvee this thread is on the second pageee!
  16. I saw a Mathias pic for Lacoste when I went shopping with my bf a few days ago! Ahahhaha, had to keep quiet tho
  17. So stylish even just walking to a show!!
  18. Ahahaah, it would be great Mathias can be one of my Uni lecturers....Mmmmmmmm.....*salivates* I missed you sooooooo much and I am so glad that you are working hard in keeping this thread alive and well And that pic is, well, speaks for itself= HOT. @ kateernshaw: Mathias and her? Hmmm, I don't know why, but they seem like an unlikely couple I can somehow see Mathias with another model, just not her. And tbh, I doubt that he would date someone who works in the same industry as him. He is such a private man and since he is pretty much based in Denmark all the time (he said so in an interview), I really do think that it would be more logical if he has a danish g/f. But if they are going out, then congrats!!
  19. Heya girls!! How are you all? I missed everyone here on this thread, especially MUNICHMARTY!! I hope everyone is still buzzed with Mathias and his great work
  20. Heya Michael! Sorry it took me ages to reply, I am so busy, I hate it when I don't have time for myself! I am doing good, just finished an assignment last night!

    So how are you, my dear?

  21. Celine, I haven't been spending that much time here and I still have time to post, you should get your act together!!!!
  22. wow, that girl is just FULL of energy! im tired just watching her!! i always wondered how she works those awesome poses, no i see how.. thanks! Me too! I always wondered how Coco did those amazing poses! Looking at her posing was pretty damn cool, she is FIERCEEEE! She doesn't hold back, doesn't care what people think, she just goes for it and I think that is what makes her good at posing
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