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  1. lol, I wouldn't go so far as to say her body is awful, but she has absolutely nothing on Irina. Totally not in the same league. Irina is far sexier.
  2. Dream on? My hair gets longer every day (it's naturally thick), so I can style it like his. Obviously it'll always be my version and I'll be doing it myself (he clearly has stylists). I don't want to look like him, then I wouldn't be me. I want a similar hairstyle though - that is it. Nice try though.
  3. Worst picture to post to prove that point. Also, I'd say that Irina's more petite frame equals a more feminine look. Also: Kate's boobs appear to sag more then Irina's - not sure if I would really consider that better. However, she clearly has bigger boobs.
  4. My attention is with female models, but every so often you see a guy and think to yourself, "why can't I look like that"? HAHA, I agree. I love his hair particularly. I used to have mine really short (1 with clippers on the back and sides) and a little longer on the top, but still short. For a few months now I've been growing it though so I can style it like he does in some of the campaigns.
  5. I don't think you'll be able to find all the images on the VS server in one place. If the directory listings were on (highly unlikely) you'd be able to see a folder with all of the files in a given directory, but you'd still have to open and save each one manually (faster than doing the aforementioned method, but still time consuming).
  6. Happy Birthday :wave:

  7. Thank you, Moofins, for keeping us updated with new photos. Your effort is certainly appreciated! Always nice to know what's she's up to ect.
  8. Probably because between this thread, google and her thread over at TFS, all her new or previously unseen material is already out. I'm sure more stuff will be on the way. No doubt Moofins will be one of the first to keep us up to date : D
  9. Thanks for that, Berno... after some sifting through the code I was able to find the image links buried there. I think the flash module is created on-the-fly via JavaScript and the image is then loaded in via javascript. So I can get this hot picture of Adriana in HQ now: http://media.victoriassecret.com/product/prodzoom/V305170.jpg Edit* Oops, sorry, forgot to say how to get the URL! Basically, when you get an image you want, go to view the page source code and hit CTRL + F (Find) then search for 'prodpri2' it should highlight the first URL which will be that main image at the top of the page. Then just follow the OP's method and change the url to 'zoom'.
  10. Which ones, do you have any examples? The JavaScript popup method hasn't been completely abandoned. For instance, on this page, when you right-click on the first large image you'll get this menu: The image below in 'May We Also Suggest' has the Large View link where the JavaScript popup works, and then you can right click and select View Image then get the URL and change it, as per the OP's method. So there are still some instances where you can get the HQ version of the image, but (and I'm not going to check the whole site) from what I can see they're using the Flash image viewer for most of the pictures now.
  11. Yes, because there is no longer a 'View Large' option because the site's web masters have since opted for a flash viewer rather than a JavaScript popup window. This means that the photos are either dynamically loaded from a database, or the loader simply calls the static image files which sit on disk. Either way, the image file name, and more crucially the URL, are unknown - (you'll notice right-click doesn't give you the option to view the image or save it). I'm afraid the brilliance of the OP's method in saving images is now redundant. Sad, as I really wanted to get this in HD.
  12. Happy B-day ;)

  13. I visited your link! I really love your pictures, the b&w ones especially!

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