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  1. https://www.instagram.com/iammelody.mp/ but I didn't look to find her full name yet would like to know also
  2. Confirmed. Airbrushed out in most pictures but she has the 3 moles on the right side in that pattern and one more on the left which compare here.
  3. Wow you people are amazing! Definitely Leticia Arroyo and I'm in agreement on June Peers. I don't see how it isn't her. I think I even remember seeing a picture or two where they didn't remove the mole or tattoo so when I have a chance I'll check for the certainty. Thanks!
  4. Been looking for a while with no luck. I recently saw Amanda Rodríguez and Anastasiya Primak so I tried checking some of their agencies (Kult, Trend, PS, maybe more) but they aren't there or I am blind and went right over them. Any ideas? 1: 2:
  5. Definitely is thanks! Where did they ask?
  6. She is newer, haven't found her at any agencies where I've seen some of the others yet. Any ideas?
  7. I wish I could add a 0 to that picture count 6 is torture!!!
  8. Agreed. Thanks a lot I never woulda figured that one out.
  9. Thanks for reply. Definitely an interesting suggestion. I honestly can't tell for certain. Some pictures are really close and make me thing it's likely to be her but others look very different (but not quite enough that it couldn't be her with different makeup/hair/styling). I don't know. I'm gonna see if I can find some sort of work reference that links her to this job but in the meantime anyone have any comments on this or possible alternate suggestions?
  10. Anyone know who this one is? Currently at Saks.. Edited with a few more...
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