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  1. ^^^ Thanks! It is nice that you like Cariba, too! ^^^ Cariba Heine and Phoebe Tonkin at the Telefilm Festival 2008 in Milan/Italy: (They are good also friends)
  2. Cariba Heine is born at 1st October 1988 in South Africa. She went with her family to Australia in 1991. Cariba is an actress and professional dancer. She is known as actress in H2O - Just Add Water. It is a really cool series from Australia. She plays there Rikki Chadwick. The series is very great and entertaining. Cariba is a fantastic actress. Cariba Heine with the other both actresses of H2O - Just Add Water: (Claire Holt left, Phoebe Tonkin middle and Cariba Heine)
  3. Taz Devil


    THE CHAMPION RETURNS - YEAH! RUSLAN CHAGAEV (WBA heavyweight world champion from Uzbekistan) has his next fight on 7th February 2009. His opponent is Carl Davis Drumond from Costa Rica. He is also unbeaten like the champion. I hope Ruslan Chagaev is really fit for the fight, because he had a longer break with injury and operation.
  4. She belongs to the nicest models! Alexander McQueen Backstage:
  5. Lisa Tomaschewsky has a beautiful face with wonderful eyes. And she likes cold beer like me. :heart:
  6. Lisa Tomaschewsky is a German model. She was born in Germany in the near from Hamburg. Lisa is living in Hamburg/Germany - it is her hometown. She is a really nice and unbelievable pretty model! I think it is time that she has a topic here on BZ. Date of birth: 22 July 1988 Hair: light brown Eyes: blue-green Height: 172 cm The agencies of Lisa Tomaschewsky: M4 Models - Hamburg/Germany Independent Models - London/England Elite Model Management - New York/USA Elite Model Management - Milan/Italy
  7. Here is the comp card / sedcard of Amy: SCANNED BY ME!!! Front: Back:
  8. Vivien with her band ALOHA FROM HELL:
  9. Vivien Bauernschmidt is the singer of the rock music band ALOHA FROM HELL. Her nickname is Vivi. She is born on the 10. November 1992. Vivien has a really great voice and she is a very cute girl. Vivian won with her band a newcomer contest in 2007 - Aloha From Hell got the contract with her label Sony BMG with this victory. The current single of ALOHA FROM HELL is WALK AWAY. It
  10. The great new song of Triinu Kivilaan is “BE WITH YOU”! The official video of it:
  11. Taz Devil


    The undefeated IBF middleweight world champion KING ARTHUR ABRAHAM won last night with TKO in round seven against the official challenger Raul Marques! Raul Marques resigned at the start of round seven. Arthur Abraham was not happy about it. And the fans also not…
  12. Taz Devil


    Hi k-dub! The boxers of Europe are going to USA if they get a chance! Some have also promoter from USA (Adamek, Valuev…) and the European fighters boxing (or had fights) in America... (Sturm, Adamek, Klitschko’s, Abraham, Kessler…) My favorite box camp is Univerum Box Promotion - it is the biggest in Europe. The best fighters (world champions) of Universum would like get big fights in USA to get other world champion titles… If the must fighting against official challenges, they (the boxers and Universum) prefer to make the fights in Germany, because Germany and also Great Britain are good countries for boxing in Europe… there are many fans… and Universum make good money with the fights. And we would like also good fights in Europe… No great fighter of Univerum (Felix Sturm, Zsolt Erdei…) would say no to a title fight in USA against another world champion. But Universum make not enough money to pay over 10 or 20 Million dollars for a big fight with the other champions. And the champions from USA are only interest on money and not to get a title more… Jürgen Brähmer is the official challenger in the light heavyweight. He is boxing WBA world champion Hugo Garay on 2008-11-22. And I’m sure he wins that fight and Universum has the next world champion. Wladimir Klitschko is boxing agaist Hasim Rahman on 2008-12-13 in Mannheim/Germany! And Joe Calzaghe will win the fight with Roy Jones!!!
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