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  1. I can´t wait for "Magic Mike" to come out over here ... I think it will be my most fave movie of the year
  2. Why is this man so underrated? So many random guys get the whole media attention ... he should.
  3. He is sooooo skinny. But hot as always.
  4. OMG did I mention, that he looks amazing on that picture? WOW.
  5. I am pretty good! Busy with work & life. You?

  6. Oh how beautiful.... Thank you.
  7. I can only repeat myself: awesomeness in flesh and blood. And yes, I am referring to the both of them!
  8. Oh thank you sooooo much! They are so great!
  9. I love this couple. Thank you
  10. Helen has so much style and class, I can only repeat myself. Big thumbs up for this woman!
  11. Sorry for the double post, but how come nobody posted the new trailer of his upcoming movie "the Vow"... it looks really good, imo. And I can´t wait to see it. Please bring next year!!!
  12. Oh someone is looking terrific! Love the family pics! All of them. Thanks heaps for sharing!
  13. They look so hot together! Love them! Thanks for the pics!
  14. Oh wow, thanks for all those new pics. I did not check in a while. Hot hot hot couple, as always. They never fail to amaze me! Thank you Chic!
  15. And once more they show their style and class. Amazing couple together. I like it that they don´t seek the spotlight like other famous couples. They are so natural. Love them. Thanks for the pics
  16. She is so beautiful, thanks for those pics...
  17. If you want to bash up Irina, do it in her thread
  18. Excuse me, but this is also not the: "Lets bash Irina up because she has the man of my dreams and I have to face reality now" thread either. Since Irinas pics are in this thread aswell (well, of course they are, she is his gf and will be around for a while now...) and people talk about her, I did the same. And you, "Fashion Icon" have no right to tell me off
  19. I like your posts in the Ronaldo thread! Very very well said! I love it when Ronaldo die hard fan girls hate his gf for no reason! ;)

    I totally agree with what you said, btw. So very much!

  20. Ronnybabe. you can try and open fangirlish ronaldo tinned eyes over and over. But I can tell you, its useless. Fangirls will never accept a girl at his side. They always say "This gf sucks." And he gets another one, beautiful, sucessfull and yet still they will talk shit about her. Why? Because they are jealous and probably really believe they can actually be the woman at his side. I think like you, btw. I think they are a very nice couple and Cris learnt from his mistakes in the past. Also I think his Mum gave him a little talk about having to see pics of him & his gf being all over each other. Being a father now and all he tries to act more mature when paps are around, I think. But even if he would be all over Irina (like on the pics you posted and many others...) they would never believe it...
  21. Somehow strange to see Inters number 7 given out again. But I wish Pazzini all the best with it. Even he won´t touch the legend that Figo left at San Siro.
  22. Oh thank you so much, Chic! They look amazing together, as usual. I totally love what she is wearing! And he looks sharp as always. I really wish they would have son, just so the following generations would see this aswell
  23. He is such a hot little fellow... what a pity that he ruins his career. He was such a talented player, it makes me sad But he looks really good on the last pic!
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