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  1. I am pretty good! Busy with work & life. You?

  2. I like your posts in the Ronaldo thread! Very very well said! I love it when Ronaldo die hard fan girls hate his gf for no reason! ;)

    I totally agree with what you said, btw. So very much!

  3. I do have an older brother. You?

  4. I want a dog one day aswell. A Puggle, like Jake Gylenhaals dog! LOVE HIM!

  5. Pets? Not beside of my bf eheheh. Evil.

    I used to have a cat, but she died 2 years ago. You?

  6. Oh Placebo are amazing! I have seen them live last year, brilliant! KoL are also brilliant! Very good choice :)

  7. do you have a favorite song atm?

  8. I love 30 seconds to Mars, Take That, Mando Diao, Paul Kalkbrenner, Tina Dico and some masters of tunes like Sting <3

  9. I like rock music mainly. But I am also a fan of electro music from Germany. I also collect soundtracks. And you?

  10. Yep! I do aswell! :) Love FB way too much LOL

  11. aside of ronaldo? no one? lol

  12. my fave ones are figo, raul, lahm, m

  13. oh yes! big big football fan! so are you, i guess?

  14. i am rather good! how are you? :)

  15. happy new year 2009!

  16. happy new year 2009!!! hopefully all your wishes come true!

  17. thank you for adding me! :)

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