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  1. I can´t wait for "Magic Mike" to come out over here ... I think it will be my most fave movie of the year
  2. Why is this man so underrated? So many random guys get the whole media attention ... he should.
  3. He is sooooo skinny. But hot as always.
  4. OMG did I mention, that he looks amazing on that picture? WOW.
  5. okey just having to much work to do for school

  6. I am pretty good! Busy with work & life. You?

  7. Oh how beautiful.... Thank you.
  8. I can only repeat myself: awesomeness in flesh and blood. And yes, I am referring to the both of them!
  9. Oh thank you sooooo much! They are so great!
  10. I love this couple. Thank you
  11. Helen has so much style and class, I can only repeat myself. Big thumbs up for this woman!
  12. Sorry for the double post, but how come nobody posted the new trailer of his upcoming movie "the Vow"... it looks really good, imo. And I can´t wait to see it. Please bring next year!!!
  13. Oh someone is looking terrific! Love the family pics! All of them. Thanks heaps for sharing!
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