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  1. Rumor has it BB is both bluffing and becoming repetitive
  2. Rumor has it BB just got hijacked!
  3. Rumor has it BB drives a Tank.
  4. Rumor has it Vogue Girl is his nurse.
  5. Rumor has it that is to tend to BB's wounds
  6. Rumor has it Solo has no boss
  7. Rumor has it that'd be easier if BB showered more.
  8. Rumor has it BB is a magical jesus lizard
  9. Rumor has it everyone loves PinkCouture
  10. Rumor has it BB is a cold blooded killer (part time)
  11. Rumor has it BB was trained by the CIA
  12. Rumor has it intel is TS-classified, thus requires your presence in the Military Strategic Network.
  13. Rumor has it BB let me drink of the Holy Chalice.
  14. Rumor has it JoeK knows the Alien at the end of IJ4 personally.
  15. Rumor has it that'd be a really bad idea
  16. Rumor has it he has good reason, based on BB's Superstar Divaness.
  17. Rumor has it BB may be cheating on me
  18. rumor has it BB couldn't sleep at night during my absence
  19. rumor has it BB will understand that I was held up in the line of duty
  20. Piss of ya cheeky young whippersnapper
  21. Dude, you guys are missing the best... the classics. Ben Hur. The Ten Commandments. King of Kings. Elmer Bernstein and Miklos Rosza are musical geniuses (in the soundtrack sense). Most of you kids haven't seen those movies though because they're like 50 years old :brows:
  22. whats up bro. Didn't notice your comment. Nah, I'm still in DC area. How you been?

  23. Heheh. True, but if you use a keygen then photoshop becomes free I like to use Photoshop for image work, and Animation Shop Pro or Ulead GIF Animator for the animated GIFs.
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