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  1. Kind of. Have you ever been caught staring at yourself in the mirror
  2. Calling my bus driver a fat bitch. What was your bad deed of the day?
  3. My man George. If you were offered a million dollars to kill a convicted murderer, would you do it?
  4. It's hard to be humble when you're so great. A combination of the first 2 probably. Does she want it or does she not?
  5. Presumption of intelligence I guess. Why dont you admire me?
  6. Large breasts. What's the best thing about being an Admin <_<
  7. I'd be myself... too many reasons to list. If you were [solo], what would be the best thing about it?
  8. from a nonexistant place.
  9. Changed her profile message
  10. Has a deceptive profile.
  11. is using 21st century sexual lingo that i do not understand
  12. ^ Wants to cheat on him. With me ... understandable
  13. Swell. Heh. Heh. Heh hehe heh. ^ Is dating Stewie from Family Guy
  14. Fear of the Dark in my pants I Kissed a Girl in my pants
  15. Is from the home of legal marijuana and hookers
  16. Yes, it was a good movie. And it proved once again that we ex-British-Special-ops redefine the words 'best of the best', 'fucking awesome' etc.
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