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  1. It was mindblowingly good... *smirks*

  2. Heh, thanks.

  3. XD Only if you want to... I wouldn't hurt chu.. too much. *shifty*

  4. Aww, thank you. ^_^

  5. Thank you ^__^ LOL! Don't know so much about partying :P

  6. Yes! *_* But, I'mma admit, not my favourite. I'm an Anne Rice fan; her writing captivates me.

  7. Awww. I'm here ^_^ I turn 20 next Tuesday!

  8. Thank you. ^__^ My activity might be less because of it. -.- I had a flu shot, but I think I might have bronchitus o_o my chest feels all yucky.. <_< Blech!

  9. I will try... ^__^

  10. XD I don't have a boyfriend anymore.

    I'm good though. Tired. But good.

  11. *pokes* i see you. You and your gorgeous profile pic >.<

  12. Not much, just travellin'.

    Start Uni again next week. Woot woo! XD

  13. ZOMFG! I misseded you! *cries*... come back to me! *coughs*


    Pie? *offers*

  14. Hi! ^_^ I don't know you... but I'm being random :P And saying hello... all randomly and stuffs... so... hi. ^_^

  15. *pokes you*

  16. Pandora, Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Armand, Blood & Gold, Feast of all Saints, Servant of the Bones, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned (the movie completely effed the book.. coz they tried merging two books. And boy was Anne PISSED) and.... I'd have to say Vittorio: the Vampire and Lasher.

  17. Happy Birthday. ^___^

  18. Hey! Yeah she did. She's had a boy. Ignacious Martin.^^ And she's outta maternity for 1 day and she's already getting ready to go to a 2020 summit with our Prime Minister! x__X The baby is a week old and she's taking him with her. She's like... super mum. I love Cate. Awesome actress! And yes, I heart Anime. I love Death Note, Neon Genesis: Evangelion and Inuyasha.

  19. It's alright.^^ For the most part. I live in Brisbane, Queensland. So we get the severe humidity when it's hot... and extreme temps. I'm only 20/30mins drive away from 3 main beaches. It's awesome. So, we get nice sea-breezes. *nods* I've read one manga... Vampire something... can't remember it. x_x it's in my room somwehere XD

  20. my Saturday has shaped up to be... crap. and Friday night was worse x__x I dun go anywhere... because I'm sick. *sad face*

  21. *giggles* Yes, yes it is me. Why?

  22. Hey, nothing much. ^_^ You?

  23. MUAHAHA! :rofl:

  24. That wasn't random! Zomg. Epic fail! XD

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