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  1. just painting a lot, I hope I do the best painting well for mathias
  2. {name}

    Ur works all in Vain, no,no,no, i appreciate 'em, for real!!!!!

    E.S. th Sasha's one, so lovely boy~ lol

    And if u got more, post 'em up, PLZzzzzzzzz!

    It's lovely to see 'em here & there, even th repeat ones^^

    and told ya a good news (maybe**)

    My sister finally agree to draw a one for Sasha, well, for we cant post more new one

  3. {name}

    never mind..sweetie..i'm here,can be to touch at all times..

  4. {name}

    umumumum..i did it all in vain, i means i send to u the full pics.. u all have read these pics .. i saw you upload on the JD & SG groups ....* _ *...

  5. {name}

    hey, sweetie, finally saw you here.lol

    Miss ya so much!!!

    Sorry not to replay ur mail soon, fast busy recently, and so many words want to talk to u...

    Just wait, huh, i'll never let u down!!!^^

  6. Munichmarty ...my sweet...i lov u so much....biggg hugssss
  7. {name}

    hi thanks u lovely words...ye very glad u like my paintings and so happy make firend with u...see ya ...

  8. hi , cooperIShot..really u like ...of couse,Andrew Cooper is my favorite models too...in fact, i was painting for all of the models .. as long as it is i like .....so ,u will see my drawings of Andrew, but you just need to wait...
  9. {name}

    I love your painting , so gorgeous!

    Mathias is my fav. model too!!

    Hope we could make friends>!!LOL

    talk soon:)

  10. hey just wanted to say "hi" cuz i noticed u viewed my profile...enjoy the rest of your day!!

  11. control u , honey....haha ...
  12. hi Munichmarty really glad u like my drawings,i was painting for all of models was i know , i like this way, painting for prt model ... although my drawings not mature, but feeling very interesting .... i will post my paintings .. . hope u still like these...[att chment=437626:_______0282.jpg]
  13. {name}

    Well,i gotta go, so damn shit!!!

    Hope ya enjoin here and be free

    to drool. LOL

    See u!

  14. {name}


    Well, i really got no words to describe th feelin' i got now!!

    So freakin' nice!

    im okay, just miss u ,babe...

  15. {name}


    Finally i got you!!!

    Then, add me, be quick....

    i cannot wipe th smile out of my face, babe, lol

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