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  1. Natasha hellooo! waiting for you)
  2. Behati is healthy and didn't look like anorexix. That's model eho said that must be very stupid.
  3. I'm so happy that she's on the runway again.
  4. I like her hair in the last picture. So simple but very beautiful
  5. Last Russian Vogue was full of Natasha. Very cool
  6. Beautiful scans. But I think pink it is'n her color
  7. Daria and Anabela are very good friends
  8. founded in google. sorry if repost
  9. thank you thank you thank you!!!
  10. Height - 175 Bust - 79 Waist - 58 Hips - 89 She's with Sergey Nagorny Models in Belarus. fordmodels.tv
  11. Pucci Please textlink instead of hotlinking images. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture
  12. When can we look at "Black balloon"?
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