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  1. Lyon

    Happy Birthday :D

  2. Lyon

    And.... j'adore model homme :D

  3. Lyon

    Bonjour, Bon Anniversaire ^_^ et 5 stars for you :p

  4. Not a really big fan of Jon, I saw the Tom Ford's first movie trailer, this is " Single Man " and Jon is part of the movie ! I was really shocked and I find this trailer pretty nice !
  5. Think the same ! I like so much Ryan, especially in runway of lacoste, the clothes work a lot on him ! He looks sweet and a bit " angel face "
  6. I don't know if you have seen the video ad for D&G Anthology, so I post it ! I don't know why but when he's singing " Freedom " to his phone, I can't stop laugh he looks ridiculous and hot at the same time When he 's looking at the camera, my god I die
  7. My Favourite pictures of James even if I prefer him with long hair ! And yes I have a whim with black and white photos XD
  8. my god Ash makes a good job in all of the photoshoot =) AND LMAO for your pic Festat, Ash is fuckin' crazy
  9. This pic is so cuteee Love Jeremy's smile and the baby girl
  10. ahahah weird but funny anyway, thank you for the GQ cover and that pic Noah looks great in " daddy "
  11. Thanks for the pics and videos ! I start to like him ! He is so funny with Lenz & Danny seems like they do something stupid in each backstages ! He is 18 ? OMG, he looks older ! We don't have a lot of differences I was born in 1992 !
  12. I've just found an ad of EDC By Esprit with Sam, Eugen Bauder & Mona Johanesson That's nice ^^
  13. Thanks for the gucci ad ! Abbey is very good in it but I don't know why I feel like this is not a gucci ad, I'm a little bit confused
  14. sorry for double post ! But I found this morning this pretty ridiculous gif of Noah that I've made one year ago maybe : Hope you like it
  15. Thanks Govea ^^ I love the pic where he's smiling
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