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  1. I love it simply love it! Its a shame that i couldnt be right there but,something big is coming i wonder what could be? Another store opening or maybe the first caribbean VS fashion show? just wait and see.
  2. The Cayenne if she still having it is in Miami unless she carries in her baggage cuz rite now she is back living in NY, and this shows more that u can imagine and the Kia campaing is over, till i know so lets keep rolling... got it!
  3. Probably, but who can say for sure? Nobody
  4. Instagram/adrianalima Damn nice, replacing a very expensive Cayenne for a Sorento is a very good deal. Also this tells she can run any kind of ride no matter if it is cheaper or expensive, this also demonstrate her real self , i love it simply love it.
  5. Believe it!! Now we have some stuff on common. Spanish heritage, i like the sound of that i volunteer to teach her speak the native language
  6. Selfiemania , she bright as always
  7. definitely not for the weakhearted! kindly include a warning/spoiler alert for this one . it hit me real hard alright. like taser Precisely this is the angle i like the most!!
  8. Me too specially THIS ONE!!!! :wub2:
  9. NICE !! dude i'm in , but how about 60 years in the past 1954 '55 when the MC era begins Beautifull Delorean pic P.S. VS fashion show 2014 without Adriana isn't worth to see like in 2009 so, let the runaway runs like it should be
  10. That's the issue, this one is retouched to hell as usual oh well nice to see this ads once more
  11. Remarkable!! Magnificent! I never expected to see this ads again,but never say never. Glad she came back to Maybelline. Btw her photoshoots with VS this year have been decreased i can say by 60% i can be right, i can be wrong just i noticing the fact.
  12. Happy #33 Birthday Adriana My for lifetime i will be of you :wub2: :wub2: :wub2:
  13. adrianalima Very cute I can call it alone in the dark lol.
  14. BRUTAL!!!! Thanks for this one and the rest!
  15. ^ Very touching. Happy Mothers Day Adriana
  16. This is the only sentence that i'm agree with... but you forgot mention for also what they have $$$$. I was mention before,that Adriana can be with another regular non millionaire men, if he can be loyal to her and love her till death as well , no matter if cheating was a media rumor or not,but someone else can who provide her a happy life. That's what i mean,for no other of you misunderstood post again. But that's Irrelevant... it's not of our concern... Also for a marriage to work happy needs both to get along something that apparently stopped to happen for long time. Well then...let's keep rollin'.
  17. ^I guess you misunderstood what i post..but anyway let's keep rollin ... 14 posts i wonder if you reach 20 without get banned
  18. I never liked that M***** F***** was a totally scum bag!! I predict this could happen since 2008. Anyone have to think twice before cheating on a girl like Adriana. That's the problem when u marry someone just for money, position, and to feign fake happy whealthy life. Adriana just need to find true love in a regular man instead of searching for a whealthy cheater scum bag that doesn't know the meaning of the word fidelity. 5 Years thrown to the garbage......Unacceptable
  19. That's what i say one thing doesn't differ from another...but glad to hear it. Also glad she move back to NY.
  20. Maybelline again! what a surprise. So what happened with VS Beauty?? Perhaps if she is saying gud bye to VS. Sometimes one thing differs from another but........???
  21. Well let the time pass and we will see.
  22. Now u mention it........mmmm......yes that belly.....if it is what it looks VSFS this year can say gud bye to her. I don't think that bump it's the dress i think its the #3. I can be wrong but.............
  23. Maybe Adriana wants to leave him Maybe or viseversa who knows, anyway a drink to that!
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