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  1. If you go to & click on 'forum jump' & then click on 'magazines', it will tell you who is on what magazine cover for what month. Same for 'ad campaigns'. It tells you what models are in what campaigns. The site itself is 'The Fashion Spot. Hope this helps.
  2. That yellow dress is just amazing & by far, the best of all of them. I definitely like it when she wears her hair down.
  3. I read where she is around 5'4", 5'5". I don't know how accurate that is. She looks taller because she's all legs.
  4. I see now it is .com
  5. What issue of Architecture Digest is Cindy's home in?
  6. Beautiful Vogue shoot. She is simply drop dead gorgeous. Thanks for the adds
  7. I agree - she is so beautiful but not a good shot. But why doesn't she get more editorials & ad campaigns??
  8. Will do!
  9. From my experience, when there are numerous covers from any publication, the stores will get all covers & you are able to pick & choose which one you want. So I hope I am wrong about it being a teaser cover. Linda would outsell Penelope & Lady Gaga combined. Lucky for the person who is able to get one with Linda.
  10. I think it might be a "teaser cover" meaning it was just to get people talking, etc. I have been to every store & have only seen Penelope & Lady Gaga covers. I think it's really cruel that they would do such a thing but I would not put it past them.
  11. Thank you
  12. Is this new Prada ad from a magzine?
  13. Thank you
  14. Is "Yoga Essentials" an ad? If so, what magazine is it in?