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  1. That yellow dress is just amazing & by far, the best of all of them. I definitely like it when she wears her hair down.
  2. I read where she is around 5'4", 5'5". I don't know how accurate that is. She looks taller because she's all legs.
  3. I see now it is .com
  4. What issue of Architecture Digest is Cindy's home in?
  5. Beautiful Vogue shoot. She is simply drop dead gorgeous. Thanks for the adds
  6. I agree - she is so beautiful but not a good shot. But why doesn't she get more editorials & ad campaigns??
  7. Will do!
  8. From my experience, when there are numerous covers from any publication, the stores will get all covers & you are able to pick & choose which one you want. So I hope I am wrong about it being a teaser cover. Linda would outsell Penelope & Lady Gaga combined. Lucky for the person who is able to get one with Linda.
  9. I think it might be a "teaser cover" meaning it was just to get people talking, etc. I have been to every store & have only seen Penelope & Lady Gaga covers. I think it's really cruel that they would do such a thing but I would not put it past them.
  10. Thank you
  11. Is this new Prada ad from a magzine?
  12. Thank you
  13. Is "Yoga Essentials" an ad? If so, what magazine is it in?