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  1. Thank you very much Lyon. I`m having a blast today

  2. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  3. Hi! Thank you for all the new pics of Michael Braeger it´s nice to see new pics of him it has been a while since I saw new pics of him so thank you they were wonderful Marie
  4. yes it was an accident but a good one

  5. Well that's knd of funny! So Bali's thread was created by an accident... a good one i have to say!

  6. Hi! I just want you to make a little correction. Her real name is Barbara Rodriguez , Bali is her nickname Hi Pix! Thank you for your correction and thank you for all your wonderful pics on her. It´s hard to find something about her but when you now are from her country mayby this thread can get somewhere.
  7. It came up when there was a model to indentify and we all had problems to identify that model but when I was looking around on agencis of models I came across her I she reminded on that model to identify but it wasn

  8. Hi! I see you like Bali, where did you heard about her for the 1st time? :)

  9. Thank You Takahashi Great pics of him. If you do another fansite of him tells us I would defintley want to see that page but if you do have more pics of him mayby you can put some more of them here please!!!
  10. Hi! Yesterday my computer closed itself and now I can´t get it running again any suggestions? Now I useing moms computer Hopefully someone can help me!!! Marie
  11. Clare Hoak found these on a site about her mom singer Jill Corey. Clare started in 1983 as a model. Last one is the most familiar one
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