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  1. Not a recent pic but I dont think this has been posted here. Not sure which photoshoot this is from.
  2. Glad she is getting more work for miss sans complexe . Some of her best works.
  3. Aight thx again Thought she said "I do a lot of laundry" at first lol.Was Lingerie ofcourse
  4. Good lord.Thank you sire!Doing gods work.Btw is this this maximum quality or there is a 4k version(not saying the quality is bad just asking if there is a higher quality available)
  5. I mean older than she normally looks.She looks in her early 20s most of the time but she looks in her mid thirties in that one.
  6. Dont know if its just me but she clearly looks fairly older in the first attachment.Normally she looks in her early 20s but she looks 35+ in the first attachment.Anywayz I am not critisizing her or anything just felt working for top model brand maybe has taken bit of a toll on her as they tend to push you to loose any extra weight.Idk just feels lyk she aged 10 years in 3 years or maybe its just them makeup afterall or its just me.
  7. Not sure if its the makeup but she looks really old in this.In her 30s
  8. Does she ultra high quality photos like 40megapixels or above?Also if anyone knows how to find such pics please let me know which site Also if someone can do the honours of making a discord server for her
  9. nevamindv found her.She is a new singer named VANES
  10. I have seen various pictures of this particular model online particularly facebook but I cant seem to find her name.She is truly beautiful.One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.Any ideas who could she be?Mostly I have seen turkish(I think so as they pages were mostly filled with turkish actress pics and poetry) pages post pictures of her with some arabic text(Poetry I believe).It would be real nice to know the name of such a beautiful woman and maybe the photographer too for his nice work. Edit:Found her she turned out to be a singer named VANES
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