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  1. I can't believe she doesn't have a post yet! Rita Sahatçiu Ora (born 26 November 1990), better known as Rita Ora, is a Kosovo born singer-songwriter and actress.[2][3] In 2009, she appeared on the BBC's Eurovision: Your Country Needs You where she auditioned to be the British contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.[1] Later in 2009, she signed to Roc Nation. Ora is of Kosovar Albanian ethnicity. In 2012, Ora provided the vocals for DJ Fresh’s "Hot Right Now", which has been the fastest selling single in the UK of 2012.[4] Ora's debut single, "R.I.P", topped the UK Singles Chart
  2. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Thomasss Hapyyy birthdayyy
  3. I think these picss were made earlier, anyways I think they're not posted Bar at the airport Bar with a misterious man
  4. Carlos Bernard (born October 12, 1962) is an American actor, best known[1] for his role as Tony Almeida in 24. Carlos Bernard was born and raised in Chicago. Like most Chicagoans, he’s a bit of a sports fanatic, and yes, a major Cubs fan. The arts, however, have always played an important part in his life as Carlos began drawing and painting at an early age. After graduating from New Trier High School, he attended Illinois State University as a fine arts major with the thought of becoming an animator. Carlos switched course after college and decided to pursue his life long dream of being a pr
  5. Him and ex-wife Diane Kruger
  6. Golden Boot delight for Muller Germany starlet thrilled with "incredible" award .. Muller: Delighted with award SKY SPORTS ON SKY There's more live football on Sky Sports than ever before, including the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Clydesdale Bank Premier League, England away Euro 2012 qualifiers and La Liga. With four live Sky Sports channels, as well as Sky Sports News, you'll never miss a moment on Sky. Click here for more...Young Germany star Thomas Muller admits he is stunned to have won the World Cup Golden Boot. The 20-year-old forward, who only debuted for the Germ
  7. Well, I saw him for the first time ine the World Cup and I liked him a lot, he's a very good player and decided to make a thread of his since he didn't have one,but you're welcome to post any news about himmm!!
  8. Thomas Müller born 13 September 1989 in Weilheim[3]) is a German international[4] footballer who plays for Bayern Munich.[3] Müller plays as a midfielder or forward, and has been deployed in a variety of attacking roles – as an attacking midfielder, second striker, or on either wing.[5] He has been praised for his pace, technique and composure,[6][7] and has shown consistency in both scoring and creating goals.[2] A product of Bayern's youth system,[3] he made his first-team breakthrough under new Bayern manager Louis van Gaal during the 2009–10 season,[2] playing almost every game[8] as the c
  9. He's so handsomee and a great playerrr Shame we can't see him in the World Cup Just some random pics, hanging out and stuff
  10. diana

    Camilla Belle

    Hahah no one ever said that to me, its bizarre!! I actually thought that was for dead people!!!
  11. diana

    Camilla Belle

    Here's the link for you Boriken http://www.camilla-belle.net/gallery1/thum...ls.php?album=79
  12. Actually she's 6'2 feet tall which means she's 1.87 cm tall
  13. diana

    Camilla Belle

    Pics from her new movie "Push"
  14. Absolutely love him!! One of the most handsome men I`ve ever seen in my life!! P.S LOVED J.A.G the_mosthandome.bmp cry.bmp the_mosthandome.bmp cry.bmp
  15. Loved her role at " O clone"
  16. diana

    Dafne Fernandez

    [atta hment=630433:dafne_fe...1606_out.jpg] Love all of them, especially the last one!!
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