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  1. ..(theatre and all)

    ok I should get back to emailing, there's too much to say. :)x

    P.S. - I didn't want to distract you from your school work! :O

  2. The best? :persuazn try living them! lol Ok it's not that bad, I admit :P the whole thing was threatening to get interesting but now it just plain old "meh" (minus "the signs" :P)...but I don't want to do anything stupid...again xD Though I might if it gets...ok I won't say that, cause the last time I said my life was boring...well, someone took that too seriously.

  3. Hey! I hope you're doing well. <3

  4. Wow, after 2 years of not posting on BZ, my post count is still 3.43 posts per day. I was such an addict!


  5. There is a possibility that you'll find 2 emails in your inbox. Just sayin'. Cause I realised I haven't told you something rather important. Oh my. Don't judge. *paperbag* Haha


  6. yeah..a person who gave you 4 deserves an ass whooping!

    umm I sent you one from my gmail to your hotmail, as usual. If it's a msn message it's probably spam, cause I don't even use msn anymore.


  7. hey :) my computer crashed! We bought a new one so it's all good :P Just so you know, I'm alive! :) and busy (read college+theatre.every.friggin.day. Evening tbp. Technically, night too. Whatever. #diesofexhaustion. kidding, it's not that bad. Yet.) I'll e-mail you ASAP.

    love xx

  8. Not really. I had a family lunch but still haven't celebrated with my friends, so..:);)


    Yeah, I also thought that it would be just another stupid thing in the crazy GG couples mix n match but now >


    ^THIS :D

  9. thank you :*


    hahaha omg your dair avi is pure awesomeness! xD

  10. hvala! :)) <3

  11. Well it's interesting..not that I was implying anything...


  12. Interesting! :) French + Comparative Literature and Literary Theory. BTW, you're the only guy I know who likes GG. :P


  13. That's great! :) which course? Yeah, 2nd year. :)

  14. continued from Layla's page:

    We haven't spoken in ages! How's life? Are you in college already?

  15. Oops, forgot those message boxes had a limit. I should stop spamming Lay's profile and continue on yours. :D

  16. Sorry about that. I wasn't on my computer for like a week (yes you can *gasp* :P) + really didn't have much to say, it would be like "yes" "nothing special" "take care". xD No, seriously, zero interesting stuff lately. We can always discuss GG though. :D

    @ Berno ~ That's not true. He's just ONE of the worst actors. :P Oh, and hi. :D We haven't

  17. Hi!

    Nice avatar :)





    I'm super bored. 4h ago I would've sworn I had nothing to talk abt (see: email, 2nd column, 4th line :P) but now...idk..chat would be nice. :D Anyway, tty tomorrow. :*

  18. From time to time I wonder how's my Lupecita doing :P I hope you're good. <3

  19. University, of course! :D French + Comparative Literature & Literary Theory.

    The time has gone by fast indeed! Last time we talked you were preparing for your freshman year! :D Cool! :) Oh well, I still have a couple of years more to study..:)

  20. Hey :D Everything's good, I don't really have much to complain about :P I was in Montenegro for a month, I'll be a second-year student in October...other than that, nothing new here. :D How are you?

  21. Hey :)) I'm good, just came back from holiday. :D How's everything going? Chloe is such a cutie!

  22. All the best for the best ♡

  23. Haha, I just felt like it :D

    Oh no you didn't! Lmao! JK, why not? More interesting stuff to read/discuss. :D

    *starts replying*


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