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  1. 1983 cont. Nancy DeWeir and Liz Devine Christie Brinkley and Patricia Van Ryckeghem Lea Sorensen and Brooke Shields
  2. 1983 Kim Alexis and Kathy Ireland Paulina Porizkova and Anette Stai Kelly Emberg and Paulina
  3. 1982 Donna Stia and Jacki Adams Nancy DeWeir and Rosemary McGrotha Lisa Vale
  4. I love old Cosmo covers, beautiful! (and I have lots...) 1981 Brooke Shields and Rene Russo
  5. Joanna??? (small pic from a VS catalog, don't know the year)
  6. She might be the best SI model ever (at least in the top 5) I wonder why she wasn't in the 40th anniversary hall of fame photo.
  7. Glad you like them! I should have noted they are all from Bazaar Sept '80
  8. Bazaar June '82 with Shaun Casey, Eva Voorhis, Clotilde and Iman
  9. Sorry if repost Bazaar June '82 with Carol Alt
  10. Kate40

    Michelle Pfeiffer

    She's gorgeous Bazaar June '82
  11. Hi Nanook: Thanks for the pictures. Do you know which Cosmopolitan the picture of Kim in the light blue dress with a glass of champaign came from. I remember it was Cosmopolitan, but I am not sure which issue. Jal718 - You also had the scan of Kim in the light blue dress with a champaign glass. Do you have any idea which Cosmopolitan this picture came from? Thanks!! Its Nov '85 with Paulina on the cover (Cosmo birthday issue)
  12. Hey Korravai, in case you're interested here's a little more info...
  13. Sorry the article is soooo small!
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