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  1. :laugh: :laugh: She came out of no where :heart: :heart: :laugh:
  2. Soo Yesterday I finally went to VS store after nine years haha! and anyway, Annd so I was strolling around the store Until i spotted this picture, that we DO NOT have.. I wanted to take a picture of it with my cell..but I didn't want the workers be like 'wtf woman get out." HAHAHA so yyee-ahh!
  3. whoa how weird. I was just looking at one of these pictures yesterday ^^^ and now there up xD Thankkss!!
  4. whos the other chick in that photo? NAICE (Y)
  5. Agreed! I starred at the photo for quiiittteeee awhile at first glance
  6. Aww whata sweetie xDD thank you dollface. UGHH but im nottttt doing good o_o now i have a soar throat fucking great -_- >:(

  7. must've slipped my mind lmfao! HELLO!!

  8. YES i love coffee Are you a weirdo?
  9. MARISSA MILLER IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT Omgosshhhhhh!!! best part is she lives only a hour away from me :brows:
  10. omg those are really adorable thank youuu!!
  11. Thanks, those are hot. Geeez I hate it when I see pictures that I don't want and then when I want those pictures I don't see them anymore [i'm talking about the pictures that you posted] ughh sorry!!
  12. ^ man oh man.... same here. LETS GO HOP IN HER WINDOW AND TAKE MORE ..at night...all alone .. MWAHAH i kid i kid ....orr maayybeee
  13. holaayy molay .. thats hot thanks, looks like she's gonna bite someone
  14. Thanks for letting us know, I'm going to go out and buy the Elle right now!
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