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  1. I make GIFS using Animation shop Just PM me if you need help... Are you talking about the picture in my siggie? I capped it so there is no actual 'picture' besides the one that I made.. ... and I make screen caps by pausing the video then I press the Prt Scrn button and CTRL and open PAINT
  2. WHOO I lovee it aahh-mazzzingggg!!
  3. the only thing I stole was a toothbrush.... :evil: mwaha
  4. {name}

    Megan Fox

    Yee-ah ha! She can't act but oh well..she's beeee-aahhh-uuuu-ti-full tho
  5. That picture is soo sexy and beautiful at the same time! Btw, i can't believe they put 'limalicious' on there site address they stole my nickname thieves! :evil:
  6. -cough- I got a question Ah.. well How do you make the small little videos? O_o Or..GIFS! I wanna knowwww Help?! Annd Another question mwaha! Well The video where's she has her index finger on her lips on the bed?? Does anyone have that exact photo??!? How do you take those scans? O_o Heelpp hehe!
  8. Can I be that fuck? You guys shouldn't worry. When I see them in the news, I still get the impression that the supermodels today are Heidi, Gisele and Adriana. Ale is just a big name model, but not inthe very top... I'm just happy for both
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