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  1. Hi 66Lucy! I don´t know, but don´t think it ever made it out of Italy. What I´ve seen so far it was offered in italian language only. I have the DVD and it is also italian language only, no other sub-titles.
  2. Thanks Kelly Harper's Bazaar US August 1981 Christie, Eva Voorhees & Bitten Knudsen my scans
  3. You are all most welcome Magazine Italiano December 19, 1987 my scans
  4. Charity Swedberg (American model) : Swedish father, mostly Norwegian mother Miss Swedberg confirmed it herself, here is her thread : http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=21894 scans by Fashmagfun
  5. Thank you so much for your answer to my very rude question Perfect, I can post some pictures of you in my Scandinavian thread then : http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=31176
  6. Harper's Bazaar US August 1981 Christie Brinkley, Eva Voorhees & Bitten my scans
  7. Am I allowed to be a bit curious Isn't Swedberg a Swedish name No offence, I'm just a bit "obsessed" with Scandinavia as I'm dating a beautiful Swedish person :brows:
  8. Thank you for identifying her Thanks for your always appreciated posts Fender ! Ishwar, 1990 my scans
  9. Tell you what, he is EXACTLY the kind of guy I love We can't put him in a cage and look at him the whole day, can we
  10. Thanks for the warning I could have :lullaby: What a beautiful video He is sooooo gorgeous and the site seems very promising as well :brows: Well let's pretend, it's his job and the girl is just working as well and she better is What is he doing at Uni ? He should be out there having his picture taken, making videos and runways, I so understand your pain
  11. US Harper's Bazaar August 1981 Christie Brinkley, Eva & Bitten Knudsen my scans
  12. What a beautiful woman ! Thanks Kelly !
  13. Where on Youtube or on TV ? I want to see it :voodoo:
  14. New Woman - February 1985 my scan
  15. I'm sorry, I hesitated before posting this cover because it's in a very bad condition and I don't know how to clean it Newmen (French mag) - February 1988 my poor scan
  16. French ELLE - November 10, 1986 my scans
  17. French Elle - March 12, 1990 my scans
  18. Linea Italiana - July/August 1982 cover scanned by JAL editorial scanned by me
  19. Thank you French ELLE - September 20, 1982 my scans
  20. don't be too sure on that. i am like vampire pale. lol
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