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  1. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1--liD3je2bIhp5KDtQKeO0ozHr9X2kil 19 photographers added
  2. Only 2 out 27 pic u posted hv similar quality like website
  3. @bump most of ur Philip Treacy pics quality r not really as good as the website 1. Their current model have like 100+ pics. So I am assuming they had 100+ josie pics aswell (there's no pic of josie in the website atm). I am looking for all of those pics....
  4. By any chance any1 saved following things 1. Keepsake different version/bts, page 4 2. Once was by Michelle Tran, Page 3 3. Phillip Tracey, Page 3 Bump posted these last year but didn't save it. Unfortunately all the links expired. If any1 have them, can u send it to me?
  5. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1--liD3je2bIhp5KDtQKeO0ozHr9X2kil Any1 can check/navigate/download easily josie's content from drive compared to forum. I hv uploaded couple of folders atm. It will take some time to organize and upload the rest. There r some extra contents which r not available in the forum yet 😉 @bump @daphfhx feel free to give me feedback
  6. @daphfhx did u get my msg? Writing here cuz sent u 2 times but in my msg section its showing nothing sent 🤔
  7. @daphfhx I saw u hv posted lots of asos videos which r protected. I was unable to download videos from their site so I decided to bookmark (80+) them. I checked ur videos and some of my bookmarks and noticed my videos r not in the posted ones. If I give u the links will u be able to download and post them here/give it to me?
  8. I just downloaded them from studio Pasha, twentysix26 etc. There were even more pics, but I only decided to download the ones I liked. She recently did new photoshoot for twenty26, pinkshopbr. I haven't downloaded those new ones. Unlike u it's kinda overwhelming for me to constantly collect all stuffs from different models "pinkshopbrazil" they don't have protected pic but their pic quality is too bad so I didn't downloaded them. Another brand was "elite israel fashion" (most likely owned by her agency) but that brands web is down maybe something to do with her agency cuz they decide
  9. @bump I just noticed u started this thread!!! Last month I hv downloaded like 300 pics of her from couple of brands she worked with. If u want I can give it to u. Interesting thing she kinda knows my Id on Instagram cuz I sent her stupid dm's time to time 😅😂. Yeah she checks them 😏. I think 🤔 she kinda feels nervous communicating with strangers as a result I also feel nervous sending her dm 😅
  10. @bump 1st time I am using any kind of forum so don't have any clue how things work properly 😅 looks like if I post something it's not possible to delete it anymore 😂
  11. No need to rush ✋😂 I will need them when I finish with entire thread. I am currently on page 5. There r lots of asos stuffs starting from page 5 so it will take likely week to go through all these stuffs. I will let u know later when I need them
  12. @bump currently downloading stuffs from page 5 of this thread. I am unable to view lots of older pics. By any chance u hv downloaded those pics? If yes, then I will need them in future!!!
  13. Asos have so many pics of her!!! It's kinda impossible to find all of her pics there. On top of that they designed website in a way its basically pain. Instead of type of product I am categorizing asos products in terms of brands. It's way easier to identify. So far I hv found nearly 35+ brands. When it comes to their brands, going through (asos Design brand) is only problem cuz it has 20k products. I hv alrdy checked other brands and organized 850+ pics from asos.
  14. New fan 👋 love all the stuffs 😍 I love things when they r in a organized way. So thinking of organizing Josies content and upload them in a Google drive, it will be much easier to find her pic/vid
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